The app works via a tablet or phone and stylus. Downloadable on the Google Play Store and Apple app store. The app replaces a traditional paper test sheet. The Livescore Dressage app works in partnership with Scoreboard – a live scoring system that calculates scores and placings, and displays results in real time online.

The app sends movement marks to the server on a movement by movement basis, which then pushes a trending percentage and potential final placing to spectators.

Each penciller receives a login- which only gives access to the classes and tests their Judge is scoring for. Each movement is scored the same as a paper test. Once completed tests are signed the digital test is immediately sent to the rider and the Scoreboard server calculates the riders provisional placing.

If you use Nominate to manage your event entries, you get the Livescore Dressage system for free. If you are using your own management system, the fee is $1.00 per horse, per event.

*Please note you must use your own tablet or mobile device.

Once a Judge has completed, signed and submitted a test, the test is then uploaded to the Scoreboard server, which then pushes the test sheet out to riers via the Scoreboard app. It also makes the riders final score and current placing available online.

If the venue doesn't have a reliable internet connection, the Livescore app stores the movement marks on the local device (tablet or phone) and then sends them to the Scoreboard server as soon as an internet connection becomes available.

Scoreboard is Nominate's online scoring system, catering for all disciplines, including Dressage, Eventing, Show Horse, Show Jumping and interschool, plus many more.

Scoreboard interacts with the Nominate entries system, allowing entries to flow through directly into the Scoreboard system. Entries can also be imported into Scoreboard via MS Excel if you are using your own entry system. It also posts results live to the Scoreboard website, as soon as the scores are updated.

This reduces the need for riders to come to an office to check results, giving them the ability to check anywhere and anytime!

The Scoreboard scoring system can be used independently of the Livescore dressage app as a traditional scoring platform, with the added advantage that multiple scorers can be entering results at the same time and even the same class, reducing the workload on just one scorer and allowing results to be put in quickly and easily.

Scoreboard also interacts with the Scoreboard app, allowing riders and spectators view current events, view classes, tests, sponsors, draws and results.