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Benefits and Rules of STEA Membership

Benefits of a STEA Membership 

1. Invitations to all offical competitions in Tasmania, updates on future event dates and reminders of closing dates.

2. Have your achievements counted towards club Horse of the Year titles and the TEA and Little TEA Cups at State Championship

3. Ability to attend all STEA training days including ones held at TEC during Winter months when the course is restricted with experienced coaches (interstate and local)

4. Invitations to all EA offered seminars and training sessions

5. Opportunity to build friendships in an environment that celebrates the best aspects of our equestrian sport.

STEA Club Rules

Members (or someone on their behalf) are required to assist in a volunteer capacity. This requires a minimum of 2 hours help for each STEA hosted One Day Event and one other day per year which can be achieved through assisting at training days, attending working bees and special events. 

Failure to fulfil this membership requirement may result in declined event entry as well as Horse of the Year ineligibility.

For a full outline of the membership rules, please visit the Equestrian Tasmania website

Body protectors are compulsory for Cross-Country. A body protector manufactured after 2009 and labelled as complying to one of the following standards is mandatory:

EN13158:2009 Level 3, BETA 2009 Level 3, EN13158:2018 Level 3 and BETA 2018 Level 3. 

A grace period of six months for back protectors only (helmet rules are still effective July 1 2019) will mean that the rule will become effective Jan 1 2020.

The EA Eventing Rules require that helmets must be used in all phases of competition and must comply with the standards laid out in Annex N (

Effective 1 July 2019, EA is introducing a helmet tagging system whereby riders will have their helmet inspected for compliance with minimum standards required by Annex N and, if compliant, tagged with an EA tag. This system has been successfully implemented by Equestrian Sports New Zealand & British Eventing and is a proactive measure taken by EA to ensure that helmets worn by riders comply with the relevant approved safety standards.

The EA tag does not verify that the helmet is safe or in working order. It only verifies that the helmet complies with the specific standards as mandated by the EA Eventing Rules. Riders are strongly encouraged to check their helmet regularly (even if it is tagged). Riders must immediately replace their helmets if they have been damaged or impacted in a fall.

To make the tagging process as easy as possible for members, State Eventing Committees will ensure designated tagging officials are available at as many events as practical and at other key gatherings. In the event that a rider is unable to obtain their EA tag prior to competing in an event, EA is giving riders a grace period from 1 July 2019 to 1 January 2020. During this period, riders wearing a helmet that complies with the minimum standards in Annex N without an EA tag will still be allowed to compete. Riders without an EA tag will be issued with an official advice to have the helmet tagged before riding at the next competition.

The EA tag will be visually obvious and so it will be clear to event officials if a rider does not have a verified helmet. After 1 January 2020, only riders with EA tagged helmets will be able to compete in events. This rule change will be set out in Rule 538.1.1A of the 2019 EA Eventing Rules.

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