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CKRC Gate Access Card Terms & Conditions

The following conditions shall apply;
Swipe Cards shall only be issued to eligible financial members. A deposit of $30 will be required to be paid at the time the card is issued.

If you don’t have $30 a card will not be issued. Your deposit will be returned to you on the return of your undamaged swipe card.
If your card is not returned, lost or damaged your deposit will not be returned. If your Swipe Card is lost or damaged and you require a replacement, a deposit of $30 is payable before another Swipe Card is issued.
The Swipe Card shall only be used by the member it was issued to. The holder of the swipe card shall not give the card to anyone else to gain access to the track or its facilities.

If the holder of the Swipe Card is found to have given the card to another person, or uses the card to allow others into the track or its facilities the following fines shall apply. A 1st offence $50, a 2nd offence $150 and any subsequent offences $300. CKRC may also chose to withdraw access to the track and its facilities and recall the Swipe Card.

Holders of the card accessing the track and its facilities shall be bound by CKRC, Karting NSW and Karting Australia rules and regulations.

Card holders found to be in breach of the rules and regulations shall be subject to disciplinary action by CKRC.

CKRC reserve the right to recall any Swipe Card at anytime. The Swipe Card remains the property of CKRC. The Card will be deactivated once your Club Membership expires. Non Members and Non Eligible Members will need to contact CKRC to gain access to the track and its facilities.

The CKRC now has two membership forms.

Form 1 : A club membership form for members to use to renew their club membership or those seeking to become new ‘non-racing’ members of the CKRC.

Form 2 : A club membership form for new members and those who are also seeking a new AKA racing or social licence.

Please note if you ALREADY HOLD an AKA licence, DO NOT pay the CKRC for your AKA licence renewal. The club only requires payment for your CKRC membership. You need to renew your licence through the AKA CMS Licensing System and follow their payment instructions online. Payment is direct to them.

FORM 1: Click here for the CKRC Club Membership form

  • The club’s preference is for all forms to be lodged electronically via email. Please be aware of the “HOW TO…” document found elsewhere on this site.
  • Unfortunately incomplete or illegible CKRC membership application forms cannot be accepted and will be returned.
  • If you are seeking a new AKA licence and new CKRC club membership, you need to contact the CKRC – Club Membership Secretary for further information and processing.
  • CKRC membership application forms must not be sent (or copied) to the AKA.
  • All membership forms must be forwarded directly to the CKRC – Club Membership Secretary for processing.
  • Annual membership payment can be made either by EFT. Payment details are on the CKRC Membership form.
  • Your Club membership is valid for 12 months.
  • Prior Motor Sport Experience Applications will now attract a fee of $105.00 (non refundable).

Club Membership Secretary – Jo Tilbrook:

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