Kojonup Equestrian Club Inc (KEC)

Registration Information



1. An current approved helmet and smooth soled riding boots to be worn whenever mounted.

2. Courtesy and consideration must be shown to instructors and other members at all times.

3. Membership fees to the KEC must be paid in full before riding at any Club event, rally or Clinic.

4. Undue use of whips, spurs or the bit will not be tolerated at any Club event. The comfort and humane treatment of the horse is always a priority.

5. Horse yards must be left clean of hay and manure.

6. Membership is required before riding on the Ron Bilney Arena any time.

7. Kojonup Equestrian Club Inc reserves the right to alter an event program in any way, refuse entry or ask a person/persons or any dangerous animal to leave the grounds without warning and no refund will be given.