Silver Spurs Western Performance & Quarter Horse Club Inc.

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Silver Spurs Western Performance & Quarter Horse Club Inc



Membership is due on the 1st of August each year and is for 1st August 2022 to 31st July 2023.

# Information required for AQHA affiliation members for the clubs annual AQHA return.


Full (Adult Riding/Handler) Membership  


Youth (Riding/Handler) Membership (Under 18 years) as at August 1st


Family (2A 2C) Membership


Social Membership



Silver Spurs Western Performance & Quarter Horse Club Inc


Silver Spurs Western Performance & Quarter Horse Club Inc., is proud of its reputation for good sportsmanship, horsemanship and well-behaved members. Therefore, it expects appropriate behaviour from all members, parents and others participating in its events.

Inappropriate behaviour is:

  • Any form of intimidation (either verbal or non-verbal), rudeness or disrespect;
  • Profanity, vulgar language or gestures;
  • Harassment – using words or actions that intimidate, threaten or persecute others during or following an event (ie name calling, racial slurs, sexist remarks, rude language spoken or gestured);
  • Members are expected to be honest in relations with other members, committee and instructors (lying, stealing and cheating are forms of dishonesty);
  • Abuse of a horse (either physically or verbally);
  • Taking or damaging the property of the club and / or members / other competitors;
  • Possession, use, or distribution of any illegal drugs;
  • Disorderly behaviour;
  • Conducting oneself in such a manner considered to be injurious or prejudicial to the character or interests of the Club.

Any member, parent or competitor who does not conform to the Code of Conduct is subject to the following action:

  • The instructor or committee may immediately suspend an individual from the activity (ie the member may be asked to dismount and leave the arena or grounds);
  • The Executive Committee may also take disciplinary action which may result in the suspension or termination of membership.

By conforming to the above Code of Conduct members and competitors can expect:

  • Safe activities including training and competitions;
  • Fair and courteous treatment from instructors and committee;
  • Appropriate activities to develop capabilities and maintain self worth;
  • A consistent approach in treatment of all members.


I have read and agree to abide by the above Code of Conduct.