Far South Coast Dressage Assoc.

Registration Information

Far South Coast Dressage Assoc.

Far South Coast Dressage Assoc.

I/we hereby wish to renew my/our membership or apply for new membership with the Far South Coast Dressage Club Inc. In the event of my/our renewal/application for membership being accepted I/we:

• acknowledge that Entry Forms submitted for Club Events must be completed IN FULL or the entry will NOT be included in the draw. Any payments received for an incomplete entry will be held until I/we next enter a Club Event (with the exception of the rider levy);

• acknowledge that entries to Club Events must be accompanied by full payment, and any entry or payment that is received after the closing date will not be accepted. Any payments received after the closing date will be held until I/we next enter a Club Event(with the exception of the rider levy);

• understand that I/we will be refunded my/our entry fee (with the exception of the administative rider levy) should I/we scratch after the closing date, provided a vet or doctor’s certificate is issued no later than 24 hours after the Club Event and is supplied to the FSCDA;

• acknowledge that any carried over payments that are not claimed within the Current Membership year will be forfeited to the Club at the end of the year.

• acknowledge that I/we are aware of the new EA helmet requirements, effective 1/1/2017 and will only ride in protective headgear that conforms with one of the following standards:

- Current Australian standard AS/NZ 3838 (2006 onwards) provided they are SAI global marked

- New Australian standard ARB HS 2012 provided they are SAI global marked

- Current American standards ASTM FII63 (2004a or 04a onwards) provided they are SEI marked, or SNELL E2001

- Current British standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) provided they are BSI Kitemarked

- Interim European Standard VGI (01.040: 2014-12) with or without BSI Kitemark

• acknowledge that the Club discourages dogs at Club Events, but should a dog be brought to a Club Event, I/we will comply with my/our responsibilities under the "Companion Animals Act 1998 No. 87" (current version), and the FSCDA Dog Policy;

• acknowledge I/we may be required to assist at Club Events that I/we have entered, and will ensure any task allocated to me/us will be carried out accordingly on the day. I/we have nominated my/our preferred job/s on the attached Volunteer Form;

• will, at the time of entry, provide a Property Identification Code (PIC Number) and EA NSW Bridle Number for each horse entered in Club Events. Failure to do so will render my entry incomplete.

• will display an EA NSW bridle number for each horse ridden at Club Events (obtained from EA NSW for free over the phone)

• agree to abide by the rules of the Association.


Without volunteers the FSCDA is not able to run Competition and Training Days; therefore, supporting the Club ensures the Club continues to provide members with fun, friendly and organised events.

It has always been difficult for riders to help at Club Events without impacting on their preparation, warm up and competition requirements; often making it difficult for the Club to efficiently complete certain jobs on the day. The FSCDA intends to use outside volunteers for the more time consuming tasks, resulting in fewer jobs to be covered by the riding members.

At times it is hoped there will be more volunteers than jobs, enabling members to attend some Club Events without the burden of having to help. The FSCDA will endeavor to keep this as fair as possible over the course of the year, bearing in mind those riding multiple horses or responsible for young children often find it more difficult to assist with certain jobs. For those that are allocated a job on the day it is important that the job is completed. If you are unable to complete the job, please find a replacement. For those that are not helping on the day, if you see something that requires attention it would be much appreciated if you could help rectify the matter. It is expected that every member who attends a Club Event will assist with the packing up of the equipment at the end of the day, rather than it being left to a few.

The FSCDA run Club Meetings usually the Tuesday before a Club Event. It is a great place to share ideas and is essential in the organisation of Club Events. Without the input and extra work of the committee and club members behind the scenes the Club can’t run. If anyone wishes to attend a Club Meeting, even if just for a drink and a giggle, they are more than welcome. Anyone wishing to become involved in the committee is also most welcome, as new ideas are what keep us improving!


  • Jobs for Volunteers

    • Penciling – This is an excellent opportunity to learn what judges are looking for when marking a dressage test and is a valuable learning opportunity for all competitors. More suited to those with legible hand writing and it is not as hard as it looks!

    • Scoring – A great job for those good with numbers and essential in the smooth running of the day. The quicker the scoring gets done, the sooner we all get to go home!

    • Gear Check – It is the responsibility of the rider to present to the judge in the correct dress, saddlery & equipment; however, this still needs to be checked for each competitor before each test. If in doubt the rulebook is on-site and can be easily referred to, including checklists.

    • Ground Coordinator – Great for someone with an eye for detail. Needs to assist with any enquiries and attempt to keep the arenas running to time.

    • Catering – If you enjoy sharing your culinary creations … biscuits/cakes/slices are required for the judges to enjoy in their break. Then onto lunch … quiche/tasty sandwich fillings/soups in winter, or anything else you wish to bring in. A volunteer is also required to assist the judges with tea/coffee making & serving of food. If we don’t look after the judges they may not come back!

    • Clean up – At the end of the day the lunchroom and office needs tidying and unfortunately someone has to do it.

    • Collecting Tests – A good one for the kids, provided they don’t lose them between the judge and the office!

    • Fundraising and Sponsorship – If you are good at this, we can always use your expertise. Come and speak to us about your ideas.

  • To ensure jobs are allocated appropriately, can you please indicate below which jobs you are willing to do (preferably more than one). If you know of others that are willing to help on occasion (family or friends) can you please list them as well, obviously with their permission! If someone is not sure about a job, all necessary training can be happily provided.