Northern NSW Equine Challenge Association Inc

Registration Information

Welcome to Northern NSW Equine Challenge Association inc.

We look forward to you joining

Northern NSW Equine Challenge Association Incorporated (NNSWECA).

NNSWECA is focused on providing members with opportunities to explore new Western Styles of riding and to grow these disciplines in our area of Northern NSW.

We offer traning days as well as official and club competitions for a variety of Western discipilines.

We are affiliated with the Extreme Cowboy Racing Association (EXCA). This sport has been designed to invite riders of all levels to participate.

Other sports available include:

Ranch Versatility, Ranch Riding, Western Dressage, Cowhorse, Reining etc.

Our club has a focus on the improvement of horsemanship skills whilst creating trust and confidence in our horses.

  • Regular training days
  • Membership from 1st July to 30th June each year.
  • Divisions to provide levels of training and competition for everyone.
  • Opportunity to participate in clinics hosted by NNSWECA.
  • A safe, friendly and supportive environment, free of judgement to hone your horsemanship skills.
  • Opportunity to participate in sanctioned or non- sanctioned competitions. To compete in sanctioned EXCA events, you must be a member of EXCA.  Please visit

Membership categories:

  • Family Mship- 2 Adults - $150.00
  • Family Mship - 1 Adult 1 Child - $135.00
  • Adult single - $85.00
  • Child single -$80.00

1/2 Yearly Mship available 1/11/2023 - 30/6/2024 

  • Adult single - $40.00
  • Child single -$20.00


Northern NSW Equine Challenge Association Inc. CLUB RULES and CONDITIONS OF ENTRY

  1. All persons to be polite, respectful and courteous to all participants and visitors.
  2. All participants must practice safety and welfare OF BOTH horses and rider.
  3. Animal abuse will not be tolerated. ‘Abuse’ means an action or omission that causes or is likely to cause pain or unnecessary discomfort to a horse e.g.
    1. whipping a horse excessively,
    2. using spurs excessively or persistently.
    3. jabbing the horse in the mouth with the bit
  4. Riders under the age of 18 years must wear a helmet in accordance with the Australian Standards.
  5. All horse owners or responsible horse carers are required to complete a horse health biosecurity declaration.
  6. All horses participating in activities involving obstacles must wear front boots. Rear boots are optional, however are highly recommended. No boots = no participation.
  7. All spectators must remain in the designated areas during event activities unless outside of the Showground fenced area.
  8. In accordance with Showground requirements all horse manure must be collected from car parking and access areas and either be taken offsite with participants or placed in an identified area.
  9. All participants are responsible for horses under their care and control on the day.
  10. All participants are expected to assist with set up and pack up activities where possible.
  11. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times and away from ridden horses.
  12. Horses are not permitted to be left unattended or roaming during the event, they should be secured either to a float, in a stable or held by a responsible person.
  13. Participants are responsible for their own rubbish, taking it offsite for disposal.
  14. In consideration of the NNSWECA Inc accepting an entry, riders and/or owners will undertake NOT to hold the committee or members of the NNSWECA Inc responsible for any claims, losses, suits or damages.
  15. All riders and/or owners should fully understand that they compete at their own risk. Your registration membership confirms that you understand and accept all conditions.