Toowoomba Jump Club

Registration Information

Toowoomba Jump Club Inc.

Application for Membership and Renewal of Membership

Memberships are due for renewal/open for joining are open from November and valid for 14 months.

1. Junior Members must be 17 years and under and over 8 years of age. They must also have at least one Parent/guardian who is a current financial member (Senior or Social) or be a member of a school, which is a current financial member. Parent/Guardian must sign the application for membership. If riding under a school membership – Parent/Guardian signature required as well as school representative signature.

2. Application form is received along with all payable fees.

3. COMPULSORY for all members to pay a working bee levy each year . If a member completes either 2 working bees OR helps at 2 official events a year, the levy will be refunded. Please let the Secretary know about your hours and you will receive the working bee discount code for your membership renewal. If you are not renewing your membership and have completed your hours, please contact the secretary so we can issue you a refund. 

5. Members will be advised by email when General Meetings are to be held


Working bee levy

If a member has put in some time into helping with club activities then the member will be refunded or given the working bee discount code if you contact the secretary on .You will need to provide details of work done


Member benefits include:

 Discounts for most events and clinics

Members ONLY – Subsidised Use of TDSJC facilities and the Cross Country course at the Toowoomba Showgrounds is offered at a discounted rate for schooling.

Members using the TJC facilities must have another person with them.



Disclaimer: Neither the TJC Inc. nor the RASQ accepts liability for any accident/damage/injury or illness to riders/horses/grounds/spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.