Hallmark Farm XC Club

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Hallmark Farm

Thanks for joining Hallmark Farm Cross Country Club.

We have created a 5 acre cross country paddock with over 100 jumps!

 Everything from  poles and logs on the ground up to 4* challenges.

Water jump

bank complex



roll tops



 brush fences


4 mounds

Also our very own start box!!

Ground anchors secure our jumps to the ground to maximise safety.

We are always adding new jumps, changing lines, airating the ground, maintaining take offs and landings. Seeding, spraying and painting jumps to make sure we have everything you need to make the most of your cross Country experience at Hallmark Farm.

Onsite wash bay, toilet and yards (if you have more than one horse are available to book by calling / texting Megan 0417 858 371

We always ask you to ride within your capabilities and adhere to all the terms and conditions that Hallmark Farm has outlined in the waiver.

This is Megans personal cross country playground and where she trains all her horses, why not come and reap the benefits of schooling all the lines megan has crated. 

Thanks for joining and we look forward to seeing you out on course!!