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Thank you for considering membership for Noosa District Working Equitation Inc, please insure you read the following statement and agreed to Conditions of Entry before going any further.


NDWEQ Inc Looking Forward

Wow, what a fantastic start to Working Equitation in Southern Queensland!  As you know our club started just one year ago on 11th July 2017 and now here we are looking at our 2018 / 2019 renewal memberships.  In our first year we took the approach of welcoming all riders interested in finding out more about Working Equitation, we have worked hard to keep an open and encouraging structure for all levels of riders at our training days and to provide information about the sport in general and our club.  We felt it was important to allow riders to get a feel for all phases of Working Equitation without any pressure.  

For 2018 / 2019 our focus will be clearly on Working Equitation as a "discipline" or "sport" - as you know there are 4 phases in Working Equitation (Dressage, Style Obstacles, Speed Obstacles & Cattle) and going forward it will be mandatory to ride at least the first 2 phases - dressage and style obstacles - at our training days.  We are taking this approach to ensure we continue to develop the club towards the full 4 phase competitive sport as outlined in our club charter.  We feel dressage and style obstacles are foundational phases from which riders who want to move on can progress towards speed obstacles and finally to the cattle phase, and be "Working Equitation Competition Ready".  

We totally understand some riders are interested in only one phase or are just looking for opportunities to give green horses exposure (we get this, we have all been there!)  so we have a list of local activities which may be of interest and hopefully may help prepare your horse for participation in the multiple phases of working equitation in the future.

SO you’re ready to join! 

2018/2019 NDWEQ Inc Fee Structure

Riders                                                                                      Non-Riders

$25 Joining Fee ( one off if membership is kept current)

$70 NDWEQ Inc                                                                          $25 Only

$10 ANWEL Riders Fee – ( separate site, Email with copy of your ANWEL receipt this will finalise your membership.

I understand the committee will have the final say regarding whether to accept my membership or not and that I need to be nominated by a current member.

I have read and understood the above.