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Welcome to Brookleigh Working Equitation Club

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support to such a new sport & club!

We are looking forward to another exciting fun year including cattle clinics! Brookleigh Working Equitation Club main focus is on helping you learn the skills required to complete all the Working Equitation phases including Obstacles (Style & Speed), Dressage & Cattle all safely, correctly & accurately.  Ensuring you are supported by our team of coaches and most important of all …

You & Your horse are having FUN!  laugh

Annual membership  1st Jan til  31st Dec: $190

Brookleigh Working Equitation is a not for profit club and all monies will be used for the benefit of its members.

for your membership you also recieve the following:

  • 4 x free arena or horse park hires a year
  • Discount @ LaNoir Saddleworld store
  • Discount @ Brookleighs beauty & day spa
  • Exclusive Member discounts on all Brookleigh Rider Club Events

Membership includes access events to be held monthly on SUNDAYS in  Brookleighs all weather indoor arena and to Brookleighs other 5 star facilities.

We also offer  a monthly TUESDAY training days for those who can't make a Sunday!:)

UPDATE there are 4 riders per class except if we have one person on their own we will add them as we can't run a class with 1 rider but will do our best to avoid.


Brookleigh Working Equitation Dates 2021

  • Sun 3rd Jan: Rally Have a go day
  • Sun 7th Feb Rally
  • Sun 7th March Rally
  • Sun 18th April Training Day
  • Sun 2nd May 3Phase Competition
  • Sun 16th May CATTLE TRAINING
  • Sun 6th June Rally
  • Sun 25th July Rally 
  • Sun 18th July CATTLE TRAINING
  • Sun 15th  August Rally 
  • Sun 5th September Rally 
  • Sun 12th September CATTLE TRAINING
  • Sun 3rd Oct Training Day 
  • Sun 9th & 10th Oct Camp (Cattle & Obstacles)
  • Sat 13th & Sunday 14th Nov  4phase Competition
  • Sun 5th Dec Wind Up



Tuesday Rally Dates

  • Tues 23rd Feb
  • Tues 30th March
  • Tues 27th April
  • Tues25th May
  • Tues 29th June
  • Tues 27th July
  • Tues 31st August
  • Tues 28th September
  • Tues 26th October
  • Tues 30th Nov

***December 5th End of Year Wind up! TBC

**Dates subject to change please check facebook page for up to date details


Facebook Club Page has the  most up to date dates....

and once you are a member we have a members only page:

Brookleigh Working Equitation is a not for profit Club all monies will be to purely cover costs of runing our rallies including use of the amazing Brookleigh Indoor Arena, Outdoor Arena, Working Equitation Equipment , Mechanical Cow, Brookleighs other 5* Facilites, inc the brand new Horse Park & of course our wonderful Coaches and all monies will be spent purely for the beneft our club members + with our amazing Club discounts for LaNoir Saddleworld, Brookliegh Estate DaySpa, Brookleigh Accomodation and your free indoor arena hire with our membership sign up package represents great value..

Rally fees:

  • Brookleigh Club Members: 2 x Classes $65.00 + $10 gf (Sunday)
  • or
  • Brookleigh Club Members: 3 xClasses $90.00 + $10 gf (Sunday)
  • Brookleigh Club Members: 2 x Classes $55.00 + $10 gf (Tuesday)
  • or
  • Brookleigh Club Members: 3 xClasses $80.00 + $10 gf (Tuesday)


You will be able to choose classes in:

  • Obstacles (Style & Speed)
  • Dressage
  • Mechancial Cow
  • Cattle Phase on selected dates @ our host venue VAlley Views Equestrain Park

Suitable for EVERYONE!   

Brookleigh Working Equitation Riding Club is perfect for :

  •  An experienced rider looking for a new challenge
  •  If you are just getting back into it and are a little bit rusty (you & your horse!)
  •  You are a Working Equitation Enthusiast wanting a place to train seriously and be   supported
  • Someone who just wants to change up your training routine
  • Looking for an option to bring your new or young horse
  • You simply just want a great day out with your horse! laugh


Our Brookleigh Working Equitation Riding Club instructor list is always growing but a list of these awesome people to date include:

  • Alison Lee
  • Vanessa Hancox
  • Andrew Turnbull
  • Nina Guelfi
  • Louise Atkinson
  • Julia Matheson
  • Anna Latto
  • Maggie Capporn
  • + Other guest Working Equitation Coaches throughout the year!



Brookleigh Working Equitation Club is proudly affiliated with the WA State & Australian National boards of Working Equitation follows and adheres to the required guidelines & rules of competition & training.

Please note in order to join up you will need your National Rider Number from ANWE Ltd... if you havent got one it is just $25  per financial year and this helps support our National Committee (ANWE Ltd) who provides the rulebooks, dressage tests, judges & coaches training .... go to Nominate Clubs National Working Equitation or put in your  browser  

Welcome to Brookleigh Working Equitation !laugh