SpeedCheck Trackpro

The SpeedCheck TrackPro website allows app users to upload their sessions and then easily analyze the data collected. You view your sessions by date, or by horse name. Selecting a session allws you to see the data in tabular form. You can see time, distance travelled, actual and average speed, as well as altitude. Altitude is measured relative to your starting altitude.

You can change the data view from meters per minute to kilometers per hour.

The data page also shows you a graph of your actual vs average speed during the session

Switching to Map view allows you to see your sessions in either map view or satelite view.

You can view your entire session as per the image below.

You can also view the session in one minute intervals.

This is useful if you are analyzing a racehorses training session as the entire session will involve multiple circuits of the track, making analysis of an individual segment difficult.

Zooming in to a particluar segment of the session allows you to analyze the segment in detail.

Clicking on any of the waypoints on the map will bring up details of time, speed, distance and altitude.