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Venue Introduction

Welcome to Kingsfield Stud Sugarloaf

Stabling  - $30 Per Day

Powered Camping - $30 Per Day

Non Powered Camping $20 Per Day  

Arrive after 3pm the day prior to your event and your stable and camping is free for that day.  Please select the following date as your arrival date to allow for this thorough the booking system. (Example: Arrive Friday 11th March after 3pm = Select 12th March As your arrival date in the booking system)   NOTE:  This only applies to those arriving AFTER 3pm.

Stables - Stables are provided with shavings already in place.  If you require additional shavings these can be purchased onsite at $15 per bag.  To secure the return of your $40 deposit following the event your stable must be free of manure, hay/feed and any wet shavings.  The remaining shavings can be left in the stable.  Wheel barrows and rakes are provided.  

Under no circumstances are any other bedding items to be added to the shavings.  No straw or other grass hay type bedding is permissible.  You deposit will not be refunded if any other bedding type is added other than shavings.

Own Temporary Fence Yards - You may erect your own temporary fence yards in either Grass Parking areas (A) or (B) as per the map. These must be no more than 4m x 4m per horse.  These camping areas are not powered.   Generators are ok in these area's