Postal Address

52 Springs Road
Mareebra QLD 4870
PO Box 6564
Cairns QLD 4870


The tarmac circuit is 1345 meters long and is North Queensland's only international Go-Kart track. It is also the most northern road racing circuit for motorcycles in Queensland. The circuit has plenty of shaded pit area provided by the custom made quick shades and also full club house facilities which has complete track viewing by spectators. Spectators are also welcome in the pit paddock area.


How To Get There

MakoTrac is a scenic 60 minute self-drive from Cairns or Port Douglas. The track is located outside the town of Mareeba on the temperate Atherton Tablelands and features a very stable weather pattern (90% less rainfall than in Cairns, 300 sunny days per year), enabling the facility to be open throughout the year. Follow the signs from Cairns to Kuranda and Mareeba.  Once in Mareeba district follow the brown tourist signs Go Kart International which will direct you to the track. Visitors from Port Douglas can reach MakoTrac via Jullatten and Mt Molloy, this being a nice scenic drive and the quickest way from Port Douglas.