Welcome to the Horsham Agricultural Society, 'Maydale Reserve' Horsham Showgrounds.

The Maydale Reserve is privately owned by the Horsham Agricultural Society Inc.  We offer camping and stable bookings for various events and festivals throughout the year.  This Stabling and Camping booking system is powered by Nominate. Nominate provides the booking system and processes the payments for your event. If you have a problem with your booking within this system, please contact Nominate.


  • 2018 140th Grand Annual Horsham Horse Show - October 2 & 3
  • 2018 Horsham German Fest - November 17
  • 2019 Country Music Festival - bookings opening soon! March 21-24


If you are booking for the HORSHAM GERMAN FEST, please click book stables/camping at the very bottom of this page. This will take you to the actual booking form and you will need to choose the event name from the drop down box at the bottom of that page.

Click HERE to download German Fest camping map


If you are booking for the HORSHAM HORSE SHOW please read the terms and conditions carefully.


Terms & Conditions

Bookings for stables and campsites are OPEN NOW for hiring from October 1, one day prior to our 140th Grand Annual Horse Show.
All hirers must purchase a Horsham Horse Show Membership for $25 regardless of whether competing at Horsham Show or not, to gain authorised access to the Showgrounds.
Long term rates are conditional upon dates being inclusive of the Horsham Horse Show and entry to our events. 
Long term rates are NOT applicable to bookings that do not include entry to Horsham Horse Show events.  The standard daily rate will apply.
All members (hirers) must present to the office upon arrival to the Horsham Showgrounds to check in.
Bookings for camping and stabling pertaining to the Horsham Horse Show through Nominate will be closed by 30 November annually.


Pricing structure



·        Stable bonds are $30 per stable.  This money is refunded once the stable has been checked off by a Horsham Ag Society councillor.

·        Single stables cost $15 per night for 4 nights.  A flat rate of $75 for 5-7 nights. 

·        Straw bales cost $8 and will be delivered to the allocated stable as per the booking form.

-        BYO Yards $5 per pen per night.  (This fee is to be paid on arrival).



·        Powered Camping $16.50 per night.  A flat rate of $82.50 for 5-7 nights.

·        Unpowered Camping $11 per night.  A flat rate of $55 for 5-7 nights.

·        Short term horse float parking during Horsham Horse Show is free.

·        Long term horse float parking including and outside Horsham Horse Show dates up to 7 days is $25.

·        Long term horse float parking outside of Horsham Horse Show dates but not prior to, will attract a fee of $5.50 per night.



·        Free gate admission to the Horsham Horse Show on Oct 2 & 3.

·        Free onsite parking at the Horsham Horse Show.

·        Entries to all paying classes will be a flat rate of $3.  This does not pertain to entries on the day.

·       Copy of the Show Schedule can be collected from the office from 1 September. Sorry no mail outs as schedule will be online.

Due to a new layout of our Agricultural Show (Sept 30), we CAN'T accept bookings on September 29 & 30.  If you wish to negotiate bookings prior to these dates, please phone 0400 425 254.

The new layout will NOT affect the use of the arena for our 140th Grand Annual Horse Show.  It's business as usual on there.

There is a price rise for camp sites and they MUST be selected and booked online.  Allocated sites are on a first in best dressed situation and sites are numbered.  

Over the past 12 months the Horsham Ag Society has invested $18,000 to update the lighting in all the stables.  We have also built a new lunging arena, painted the showers, mens toilets and improved the lighting in the ladies toilets.  We have plans in the next 12 months to provide more shade around the  stable precinct to create a hub at the showgrounds.

The Horsham Agricultural Society reserves the right to refuse bookings.

ATTN RIDERS BOOKING STABLES 70-81: These stables are set aside for stallions. If you book these stables and are found to have booked for a mare or gelding, you agree to forfeit or accept another stable (if available). By continuing with the booking, you accept these conditions.