Welcome to Elmore Equestrian Park Stable & Camping Bookings

Bookings will not be accepted after 4pm Friday.

Stables $25 per night

Yards - no charge, Booking not required

Bedding options include Shavings or Straw.

Stables must be fully cleaned out before departure.  Stable Cleaning can be booked for $30 per stable.  A $50 Cleaning Fee will apply if not cleaned or if cleaning is not pre booked.


Cancellations for stables and camping outside of 48 hours from the event date will be charged 50% of the booking fee.

Cancellation of booking made less than 48 hours from the event date or post event date will be charged 100% of the booking fee. 

Please Note:

The Stabling and Camping system used at Elmore Equestrian Park is powered by Nominate and therefore your credit card statement will show a charge from: NOMINATE PTY LTD MILBONG.

Nominate provides the booking system and processes the payments for your event. If you have a problem with your booking within this system, please contact Nominate.

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