Train for success Mastering Riding & Horsemanship

Shibumi Equestrian Centre

Tanja Mitton, Kate Schreiber and Simon Fielder
12:00 AM
12:00 AM
10/09/2024 – please note a late fee will apply after the original closing date

Step out of hibernation and prepare for lots of summer riding at the: 

Train for Success Mastering Riding & Horsemanship.

Hosted Tanja Mitton, Kate Schreiber and Simon Fielder 

Friday 27th September to Monday 30th September 2024

At Shibumi Equestiran Centre - Bundanoon NSW

  • Each rider's needs will be assesed daily by the trainers to ensure that all riders walk away with a positive experience and more tools in their tool belt to help the excell in their journey with their horses.
  • 3 x daily group lessons with each trainer

  • Minimal spots available

  • $1,250 rider spots

  • $50 Spectators

  • $60 Saturday 28th Masterclass



4 Day Clinic

Riders - 4 day Clinic
Friday to Monday - includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea

Event Notes

Day Yards - $15 per day
Night Yards - $25 per day
Powered $25 per night
Unpowered $15 per night

Contact Details

Lisa 0434 902 288
Lisa 0434 902 288
Lisa 0434 902 288
Lisa 0434 902 288
Horse Clinics Illawarra South Coast and Southern H
Lisa 0434 902 288


Why attend this clinic:

Three reasons why this clinic will change you and your horses life:

  1. Expert Guidance from Renowned Instructors: Tanja Mitton, Kate Schrieber, and Simon Fielder are highly respected in the equestrian community for their expertise in horsemanship and rider positioning. Participants will benefit from their extensive knowledge and experience, gaining insights that can significantly improve their riding skills and horse handling techniques.
  2. Comprehensive Learning Experience: The clinic provides a well-rounded education in both horsemanship, rider position and mindset. Tanja Mitton focuses on rider biomechanics and mental approach, Kate Schrieber brings her expertise in dressage, horse biomechanics and vet nurse and Simon Fielder adds his knowledge in horsemanship and horse behaviour. This diverse combination ensures a holistic learning experience that addresses various aspects of riding and horse care.
  3. Personalized Feedback and Improvement: Clinics with these instructors will include personalised feedback and hands-on training, allowing participants to receive tailored advice and individualised training exercises. This individualised attention helps riders identify and work on their specific challenges, leading to noticeable improvements in their riding technique and overall horsemanship.

Attending such a clinic can be a transformative experience for riders at any level, enhancing your skills, confidence, and connection with their horses.

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