TJC One Day Event

Toowoomba Showgrounds Venue 1

Toowoomba Jump Club


August 11th 12th 2018


Hosted by Toowoomba Jump Club Inc

Toowoomba Royal Showgrounds

Glenvale Road, Toowoomba QLD




  1. TJC 3 ***    

Dressage and Showjumping only

Entry fee: $45              Test: FEI 2015 3* Test A                Ribbons only


  1. TJC CNC **    

Entry fee: $125                       Test: FEI 2015 2* B                                     1st $220,2nd $150 3rd 130 4th $60   5th voucher

2b    TJC 2 **

        Dressage and showjumping only

         Entry fee $45            Test FEI 2015 2* B                    Ribbons only



  1.  CNC*        

Entry fee:  $120                      Test: FEI 2015 1* B            

1st $200 2nd $150 3rd $125 4th $60 5th voucher $100 EMCEE voucher to highest placed junior


  1.  EVA 105 

Entry fee: $115                       Test: EA 2.2 2014               

1st $180 2nd $130 3rd $120 4th $50 & voucher 5th voucher 6th voucher


  1. Junior EVA105  

Entry fee: $115                       Test: EA 2.2 2014                           Prizes as per Senior EVA105


  1. HorseZone EVA 95        

Entry fee: $105                       Test: EA 80 and 95cm Test 3 2016 

1st $140 2nd 120 3rd $110 4th $90 5th $40 Horsezone voucher 6th Horsezone voucher


  1. HorseZone Junior EVA  95 

Entry fee: $105                       Test: EA 80 and 95cm Test 3 2016   Prizes as per senior EVA95


  1. Oz Shotz EVA  80 

Entry fee: $95              Test: EA  1.2  2014            

1st$120 2nd $100 3rd $95 4th $25voucher 5th $25voucher 6th $25voucher


  1. Equestico (EMCEE Equestrian Apparel) Junior EVA 80  

Entry fee: $95              Test: EA 2014 1.2                           Prizes as per senior EVA80


  1. Pre Introductory 60-70 cm

Entry fee: $70              Test: EA  2014  1.1                          Ribbons only


Cash prizes to 4th for official classes. Cash or product for unofficial classes.





  • $10     TJC Members
  • $30 refund to Sunday Cross Country  Stewards, pencillers doing 3 hours, building the show jump course and putting up dressage arenas on Friday
  • $20 for Saturday Cross country stewards, dismantling dressage arenas and show jump stewards

This event is subject to the $20 Eventing Queensland Safety Development Levy.

Nominations via NOMINATE  ONLY.

The draw and program will be posted on nominate

Refunds will be given only BEFORE CLOSE OF ENTRIES.  

Refunds provided after close of entries, only with vet or medical certificate less 20% administration fee. No stable refunds after close of entries.


Closing date for entries: Saturday 4th August


NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED unless without stables


Late entries or class changes will incur a $15 fee

There is a 40 limit on numbers in all classes, so get in early.

Junior classes will be held only if there are good numbers otherwise junior and senior classes will be merged into an open class.    

- Substitutions of horse or rider will be accepted up until close of nominations, as long as it is within the same class.

 Technical Delegate – Mr David Duffy


 It is now a requirement to complete and hand in to the event organisers, upon arrival, a Horse Health Declaration form.  This can be downloaded from:


 Riders wishing to compete more than 2 horses per class must consult the Organising Committee.


 This event is subject to the $20 Eventing Queensland Safety Development Levy.


There is now a National Refund Policy for all eventing competitions in Australia. Riders are urged to review it:




Stabling:  $28 per night most is undercover

Camping $28 per site per night

Stable cleaning deposit $30 returned via nominate after stable inspection.


Horse health declaration must be handed into the office before back numbers can be given out.

This is not a Hendra mandated event, however if your horse is unvaccinated and becomes ill, you may have difficulty obtaining a veterinarian to attend your horse.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated horses will be stabled separately


Competitors please note:  

As per EA rules, riders of all horses competing in any class except 10 must be financial members of EA. Horses in EVA 95 and above must be registered with EA . Non EA,TJC members can only compete in class 10.


Because of new cleaning charges for manure, instigated by the RAS, there will be a $10 per rider facility fee






All dressage Saturday starting at 8.00am


Show Jumping – Saturday

95cm: walk course at 10.00-10.30, to begin at 10.30am

1, 2, 3 Star:    1 star walk course at 1.45pm

2 star walk course approx. 3.00pm

3 star walk course approx. 3.30pm


Showjumping – Sunday

80cm, 60cm and 1.05 will show jump Sunday

Course walk for 80cm 7.30am


Cross Country – Saturday

60 cm do xc on Saturday afternoon starting at 1.00pm, if you are not at the start by 1.45 you will be eliminated


Cross Country – Sunday

8.00am start and run in the following number order:

Pre Novice,   Jnr PN,   CNC*,   CNC**, Prelim,   Jnr Prelim, Intro


Back protectors and back numbers holders are COMPULSORY for Cross Country phase.


Free drinks and nibbles will be served at 2.30 pm Saturday while the 1,2 and 3 star showjumping is proceeding. All welcome, please RSVP


                                    Canteen will be operating throughout the weekend.

                                        Dogs on Leashes at ALL TIMES please.

                                        Swabbing may be carried out at this event.



All enquiries and scratchings to event secretary:           Naomi Slee 0423 512 667



Stables enquiries:                                                              Joanne Emery 0457 583 699


Contacts:                                                                             Kathy Humphrey 4630 9771/0407 132 281


Show jump coordinator:                                                                  Lisa Gwynne 0407 166 363


Dressage Arena coordinator:                                                         Kate Hurley


*Please direct enquiries to the correct person listed above*


 “Neither the Organizing Committee of any event to which these rules apply nor Equestrian Australia accepts any liability for any accident, damage, injury, or illness to horses, riders, ground, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.


 “The Organiser reserves the right:

  • To cancel any class or event
  • To divide any class
  • To transfer competitors between sections of a class
  • To alter the advertised times
  • To refuse any entry, with or without stating the reason.
TJC CNC*** Dressage and Showjumping only
40 left
40 left
40 left
40 left
Junior EVA105
40 left
HorseZone EvA95
40 left
HorseZone Junior EVA 95
40 left
Oz Shotz EvA 80
39 left
Equestico (EMCEE Equestrian Apparel) Junior EvA 80
Pre Introductory 60-70cm
39 left

Event Notes

Stables $28 per night
Camping $28 per site per night

Contact Details

Kathy Humpphrey
4630 9771/0407 132 281
Naomi Slee
0423 512 667 or
Stables - Joanne Emery
0457 583 699
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