11-Working Eq STYLE Intro (Obstacles) Experienced Group
Riders: 12
12-Jump Training 80 to 90cm
Riders: 10
13-Jump Training 90cm to 1m
Riders: 3
15-Jump Training Ground Poles to X rails
Riders: 16
16-Jump Training 30cm to 50cm
Riders: 17
17-Jump Training 60cm to 70cm
Riders: 20
9-Working Equitation STYLE (Obstacles) Beginners
Riders: 19
1-EA Prep A
Riders: 13
2-EA Prep C
Riders: 10
3-EA Prelim 1B
Riders: 16
4-EA Prelim 1A
Riders: 18
5-EA Novice 2B
Riders: 6
6-EA Novice 2A
Riders: 9
7-EA Elementary 3B
Riders: 1
8-EA Elementary 3A
Riders: 1
8A-EA Medium 4C
Riders: 1
8B-EA Advanced 5A
Riders: 1