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The rights of membership to DDC you agree to adbide by all club policies, guidllines, protocols and procedures in addition to Equestrian Australia rules, regulations, policies and procedures.  It also comes with the responsibility to help with the running of the year's events. Helping at events will continue to be a compulsory aspect of being a  member of DDC. 

Please nominate on at least 2 events* for which you are available to help on the day of the competition. You will be allocated tasks at a maximum of 2 events.  Please note if joining as a Family Membership each family member (regardless of age) is expected to be placed on the helper roster.  Every attempt will be made to accommodate your preference of duties and dates, however at times it may not be simply possible to accommodate.  DDC reserves the right to place you on the helper roster as they best see fit to run the events.

Brief Description of Duties


As a writer you will be required to sit with an allocated judge and scribe the judges comments and marks on the competitors tests sheets.

Gear Steward

As a gear steward you will be required to check the competitors gear in accordance with the EA National Dressage Rules before they enter the competition area.  In addition you will be required to record scratchings and advise the scorer and/or event co-coordinators of such.

Please note in relation to arena construction:

Practice Days and Clinics, if you nominate to participate in a Practice Day and/or Clinic it will be compulsory for you to attend either an arena set up or pack up.  This is in addition to your compulsory volunteer duty.

Competitions and Protocol Days, we will endeavour to contract out arena construction and riders will be charged a levy to cover this cost at each competition and/or protocol day.  It is expected all riders who have competed at the event present at the end of the event to assist with the packing up of the arena(s), this is in addition to your compulsory volunteer duty.

*Nominating 3 or more events gives organisers some much appreciated flexibility for scheduling helpers. You won't be allocated more than your share no matter how many you nominate. 

In 2024 it will continue to be the case that failure to present for your volunteer duties will result in rejection of any entries until you have met your obligation.  Please note it is not compulsory for you to physically fill your volunter position if you are unable to.  But it is compulsory for you to find a replacement to replacemetn to undertake your duties.

Note: Some dates of these events are subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control. We will endeavor to maintain the closest date to your request as possible and notify you of the change.

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