NRC Combined Training Sunday 28 August 2022

St Ives Showground - Northside Riding Club

Northside Riding Club
25/08/2022 – please note a late fee will apply after the original closing date
8:00 AM


    Combined Training Competition sponsored by MC Equestrian Riding School
    Sunday, 28 August 2022





Members and Non-Members welcome


1) Preparatory: Preparatory C 2013 / SJ X-Rails

2) Encouragers: Eventing Test B 45&60 2020 / SJ 45 cm

3) Newcomers: Eventing Test B 45&60 2020 / SJ 60 cm

4) Introductory: Eventing Test B 80 2020 / SJ 80 cm

5) Preliminary: Eventing Test B 95 2020 / SJ 95 cm

6) HC Showjumping Round

* classes may be canceled if there is less than 5 entries *


Please triple check the test you are doing!! Links are above. 

In Combined Training, dressage and showjumping phases are combined into one competition, and both phases are completed in one day. The classes 1 to 5 are scored in the same way as eventing, with one eventual winner of each class.

Horses may compete in one class and one additional HC SJ round. You can only enter each class once (per horse/rider combination).  A 2nd HC round of showjumping may be done for an extra $10, enter ONLINE; this is for training only and will be non-competitive. Rounds will be strictly limited to adhere to the timeframes of the day. There is a maximum of 2 showjumping rounds per horse per day. 

Eventing rules apply: this means no callers and no whips allowed in the dressage tests.
Bridle numbers not required.

Entry fee per class

$35 NRC Members / $55 non members plus $10 ground fee. Members, please apply discount on entry page.

Late entries / Changes of entries

No late entries. No changes after close of entries or on the day.

Refunds / Scratchings

No refund after close of entries unless Doctor and/or Vet Certificate provided or on discretion of event organiser. If you scratch your entry before close of entries, please do so through nominate.

If we have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances (weather and/or COVID19 related issues, low entries), a refund will be processed less a 5.5% admin fee per horse/rider combination.


We cannot run our event without volunteers! Please email us if you can volunteer. We will assign you an exact time and role once entries have closed and the draw has be finalised.


Collared shirt & light jodhpurs. Formal dress and plaiting are optional but not mandatory.

Time requests

Please be aware we cannot accept time requests so please do not write these on your entry. 


Council require us to remove all manure, left over hay and any feed, from yard areas - please do not put manure or hay/feed around the base of trees and/or over the fences.  Please take leftover hay/feed home with you and manure as well; if you can't take manure please spread over grassed areas - DO NOT LEAVE HAY/FEED.


We have GEOSNAPSHOT photographers available on the day to take all the action - all photographs will be available for purchase from their website within a few days of the competition.

Helmet Tagging

Helmet Tagging is mandatory for all EA affiliated Jumping events from 1 January 2022.


Combined Training Team - Neralie Coulston, Lauren Rose & Connie Briggen 



2 left
plus X-rail for SJ
1 left
plus 45 cm showjumping
4 left
plus 60 cm showjumping
4 left
plus 80 cm showjumping
1 left
plus 95 cm showjumping
HC round Show Jumping
1 left

Event Notes


Contact Details

Lauren Rose
Lauren Rose
Neralie Coulston, Lauren Rose & Connie Briggen


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