The 150th Orange Agricultural Show - Horse Section

Orange Showgrounds

Orange Show Society Incorporated

Horse Section Regulations

All competition at this show is governed by these regulations and by the Agricultural Societies Council of NSW (ASC) Rules for Discipline in the Horse Sections at Shows which can be viewed at Should it become necessary for the ASC Disciplinary Committee to open an enquiry into any aspect of competition in this Horse Section, this Society will support any penalty imposed by that Committee as a result of the inquiry and will support the penalties resulting from enquiries arising from Horse Sections at other NSW Shows.

Indemnity and Waiver Forms

  • The Horse Committee will take all care in managing the Section, but competitors taking part in this Horse Section do so at their own risk. The Orange Show Society will not be responsible for any accident caused through or by any exhibitor or competitor. No responsibility will be held by the Society for loss, mis-delivery or damage to any exhibit or livestock of any kind.
  • Each adult competitor must, before competing, complete and sign a form indemnifying the Orange Show Society waiving any claims against the Society for any injury sustained in competition or for loss or damage to the competitor’s property or damage caused by the competitor or his/her animal(s) at the Show. A similar form must also be completed and signed by a parent or guardian for each competitor who is under 18 years of age.
  • Also, on each waiver, each horse with which the competitor is involved in competition at the Show MUST be listed together with the Property Identification Code (PIC) of the property from which the horse came to the Show.

Conditions of Entry

  • The committee reserves the right to alter the schedule to meet emerging circumstances and refuse an entry without assigning any reason for doing so.
  • Prizes, trophies and prizemoney are subject to change without notice.
  • Entry tickets are non-refundable.
  • The judge is empowered to withhold any or all prizes in any class where the exhibits are, in his/her opinion, unworthy of the prize, and at all times the judge’s decision will be final. A judge has the discretion to ask that an exhibit be directed to leave the ring if he/she considers the animal is unruly and/or likely to cause an accident.
  • No competitor will present for judging before a judge with whom he/she has a family relationship, had or has recently had a personal relationship or has had horse related business dealings during the past 12 months.
  • No exhibitor or associate will initiate conversation with a judge on judging day, before, during or after judging except through the Chief Steward.
  • Any person detected coaching a competitor while that competitor is being judged may be removed from the Showground.
  • Any exhibitor or associate who behaves offensively on the Showground will be expelled from the ground, may be banned from the show in future and may be banned by other societies.
  • Competitors must be ready when called. Once judging has commenced, an exhibit shall not join the event without the permission of the judge and/or steward.
  • Persons who are considered by the Chief Steward to be abusive or cruel to a horse will be expelled from the ground. No horse will be permitted to compete if, in the opinion of the Chief Steward, it is in poor health.
  • Stallions must be wearing a bit at all times when being led and must be under the control of a person 17 years of age or older. They must be supervised at all times and securely fastened when tied to the outside of a truck or float. They are not eligible to compete in ridden classes unless their eligibility is specifically stated in the schedule.
  • Registration and relevant membership documents for horses in breed classes must be produced as required by a Steward.
  • Random drug testing may be carried out at The Orange Show. Any competitor found to have breached the ASC disputes & disciplinary regulation will be investigated by the ASC disciplinary committee.
  • Ponies or horses must choose between either Show Hunter classes or Open Hack Classes.
  • If you have a grievance with the Orange Show Society, it is considered respectful & proper practice to bring this to the attention of the Executive Committee in person or in writing. The Orange Show Society will not tolerate any malicious comments made on social media which includes, although not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Forums, Discussion Boards or Groups and the like, which would ultimately bring the Orange Show Society into disrepute. If any instances occur further action may be taken.


  • Competitors must be appropriately attired for the competition in which they are competing.
  • Every rider is encouraged to wear a safety helmet compliant with the current Australian Standards. Riders under 18 years must wear a compliant helmet.
  • All competitors must wear appropriate footwear when leading or riding a horse. When riding, the footwear must enable the removal of the foot from the stirrup.


  • A protest or complaint against any exhibit or exhibitor may be lodged verbally with the Chief Steward no later than 10 minutes after the judging of the exhibit or exhibitor. The Chief Steward must be provided with the exact nature of the complaint and act, if necessary, to maintain competitive fairness.
  • The Chief Steward may choose to refer the matter to the Protests Committee, which shall comprise of the President of the Society, or a Vice President and 2 other members of the General Committee.
  • No protest or complaint will be considered if it refers simply to a judge’s decision.


  • Newcomer classes are open to exhibits that have not competed under saddle (breed classes included) prior to 01.01.2022. The horse must be shown in a snaffle bit.
  • Novice horse or rider has not won a first ribbon in an open individual class at any Official Show.
  • The Consolation class is for horses or riders who have not won a ribbon in the Show.
  • A Child’s pony, Galloway or Hack is to be ridden by a rider under 17 years. An Adult’s pony, Galloway or Hack is to be ridden by a rider 17 years and over. An exhibit can only be shown in either the Adults or Childs, not both.
  • Second Chance Classes are open to Horses that did not place First, Champion or Reserve in the corresponding Open Hack or Open Hunter classes.
  • ‘Off The Track’ is open to all Thoroughbreds that have been lodged in a stable return for pre training and race preps, have officially raced or barrier trialed, locally, nationally or internationally. All horses are required to be 3 years and over and be no less than 14.2hh. All horses will be Registered with Racing Australia.  Registrations and stable returns for those that did not make it to the races will be checked. Racing Name is to be used.
  • ‘Any Other Breed’ classes are for exhibits that do not have a specified breed classes elsewhere in the program.
  • Local Classes are for riders who reside within a 50km radius or a member of the Orange Pony Club.

Camping / Yards

  • Limited stables are available provided by Southern Cross Stables. To be booked via Nominate.
  • Portable yards are permitted. No electric fencing permitted.
  • Cattle yards are not available to be used by horses due to other events being held at the Show.
  • Limited powered camping spots available.
  • Note – There will be Fireworks on the Saturday night.


  • Pre-purchased tickets are available via Nominate. Competitors can nominate horses they are entering and purchase any number of tickets. We are not taking pre-entries for individual classes.
  • Tickets & Horse registrations will also be taken on the day at the horse office (via EFTPOS or Cash)
DTx1 -
Dressage Test x 1 (Full)
Riders to advise if they are riding 1A, 2A or 3A
Dressage Test x 2 (Full)
Riders to advise which 2 tests they are riding - 1A, 2A or 3A
Topsy Turvy Ring Rider
Covers all classes in the Topsy Turvy Section
Show Horse Tickets x 1
Show Horse Tickets x 10
Show Horse Tickets x 11
Show Horse Tickets x 12
Show Horse Tickets x 13
Show Horse Tickets x 14
Show Horse Tickets x 15
Show Horse Tickets x 16
Show Horse Tickets x 17
Show Horse Tickets x 2
Show Horse Tickets x 3
Show Horse Tickets x 4
Show Horse Tickets x 5
Show Horse Tickets x 6
Show Horse Tickets x 7
Show Horse Tickets x 8
Show Horse Tickets x 9
Show Jump Round x 1
Show Jump Round x 2
Show Jump Round x 3
Show Jump Round x 4
Show Jump Round x 5
Show Jump Round x 6

Event Notes

Contact Details

Jaci Norris
Jaci Norris

How to Enter

1. Select the event type / number of events you are looking to enter with your horse

2. Enter your horses details

3. You can then add additional horses or other events if you wish.


When you arrive at the Show

1. Come to the horse office

2. You will need to sign the indemnity & Biosecurity declaration

3. Pick up your envelope that will include your tickets and allocated horse number

4. If you wish to compete on additional horses you can register these at the office on the day


Entering the ring

1. Just provide your ticket to the steward

2. When ribbons have been awarded, the Steward will take down your horses number for our records.


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