Fraser Coast Interschool Equestrian Comp (Not IQ) - CANCELLED

Maryborough Showgrounds & Equestrian Park

Riverside Christian College

Unforunately due to the COVID-19 situation, this event will not run in 2020.       





Event Rules


  • All persons who enter the Venue do so at their own riskA strict speed limit of 20kph and the current road laws, including the recently revised quad bike legislation, apply to all areas of the venue.

Expect that the area will be patrolled by QPS during the event.

  • All dogs must be on leads at all times. No dogs in horse areas – refer map on arrival for dog free areas.
  • No horses in camp areas – refer map on arrival for horse free areas.
  • Do not tie horses to arenas or other fences anywhere on the grounds. Do not let horses loose in any arenas or work areas.
  • Stables, yards, event and camp areas must be left clean and tidy. Wheelie bins are provided and will be emptied on Thursday morning during the event. Stable waste and manure from trailers must be placed in the designated waste points only.
  • Fires are permitted in off-ground fire pits only and any residue (ash, kindling, etc.) must be completely removed on leaving. Do not damage grass or bitumen.
  • In line with current legislation a smoking policy applies, please limit your smoking to the designated areas.
  • There is a Mountain Bike Trail and Wetland Walk available for use – refer to map for directions to this area.
  • The Woodchop Arena is a designated Play Zone for children. Please take care when walking or riding bikes in traffic areas.
  • The Lake and Pontoon are strictly NO GO ZONES for everyone.
  • Children must have adult supervision at all times.


Event and Team Management

  • Schools or Individual participants are to nominate a Team Manager who will be responsible for relaying all communications from the Organising Committee to individual team members. To streamline enquiries all communication will be directed through this team manager and not to the individual.
  • You will be asked to nominate your Team Manager at entry point.
  • All competitors are to nominate their school at time of entry and the Organising Committee will not be held responsible for failure to clearly identify your school. e.g.  St. Marys should be St Marys College Maryborough.
  • To be considered for a refund, scratchings will be accepted up to 48hrs prior to the commencement of the event. Refunds will only be considered with the appropriate medical or veterinary certificate lodged at the time of the scratching. Any scratching after this time will NOT be refunded.
  • No substitution of RIDER will be accepted.
  • HORSE substitution will be at the discretion of the Organising Committee.
  • A strict one horse/one rider policy applies
  • Absolutely no Stallions
  • All disputes will be handled by a disputes committee (comprising RCC representative, OC representative, Chief Steward, Senior judge) and will be only considered in writing accompanied by a payment of $100 (refunded if upheld). All disputes are to be handed to the Administration Office. The determination of the Disputes Committee if final and binding on all the affected parties.
  • Riverside Christian College will not tolerate acts of aggression toward students, parents, teachers or helpers - any individual or group doing so will be asked to immediately leave the competition.
  • Penalties will apply for those who fail to adhere to the Rules this may take the form of deductions from your School’s point tally or expulsion from the event.
  • The Organising Committee, at their discretion may make any changes to the Event program, Class Conditions and Schedule or similar documents. 
  • The Riverside Christian College and the Organising Committee shall not be held responsible or be liable for any error, misstatement or misdescription appearing in any Event Program, notification or similar document.

Riders are ambassadors for their sport and their school, and they are expected to conduct themselves with dignity, integrity and display good sportsmanship.

Results and awards achieved at a competition are less important than the manner used to gain them.


Parents/Guardians and Team Managers please note: The responsibility for the correct attire and equipment rests with the rider.

Anything NOT listed above as allowed (ticked) is considered illegal equipment/attire and if used will result in elimination from the class and/or competition.

Inspection of tack and bits may be completed by or at the discretion of the Event Organiser or Judge.

Bridles (additional information)

  • Snaffle bits (including Hanging Cheek Snaffles) may be used for all classes. Snaffle bits only must be used for Australian Pleasure classes.
  • Spanish snaffle (Kimblewick) or similar which have slots for both the reins and the cheek pieces with a chin strap or curb chain above the reins are permitted in all classes except Australian Pleasure.
  • Mouthpieces may be single (Mullen, barrel, or ported), two or three piece. Bars of the mouthpiece must be round, smooth metal/s or synthetic material no less that 8mm in diameter when measured 25mm from attached ring or shank. The rings of the bit are no smaller than 50mm. The port of any bit must be no higher than 32mm.
  • Maximum length of a shank/lever bit (Western bit, Dutch gag, Pelham, etc) from the inside bottom of the top ring to the point of pull on the lower ring is 21.25cm and is in a ratio of 3:1 above and below the bit.
  • Curb chains and flat leather chin straps must be at least 125mm in width and lie flat against the jaw of the horse. Bit hobbles below the reins are permitted.
  • Joined reins can be held independently or bridged. Split reins are bridged when used with two hands. Split reins can be used one handed with a western shank bit.
  • Nosebands must be smooth, fit comfortably (not too tight) and be appropriately positioned. Dropped, Flash or Crossover nosebands are not allowed in Western Dressage classes and Australian Pleasure. Cavesson nosebands can be used in any classes except Australian Pleasure.     
  •  All saddlery and equipment must be suitable and correctly made and fitted.

Warm-Up, Training and Lunging Areas

  • For safety reasons, lunging is to not to be in an area separate to the warm-up areas where horses are being ridden.
  • Side-reins or headset attachments from the bit or headstall to the saddle are prohibited when mounted. While lunging or ground-working, side-reins or headset attachments from the bit or headstall to the saddle/roller and the use of one whip are permitted.
  • Use of any other equipment that is illegal for competition purposes cannot be used in warm up or training areas at any time for the duration of  the competition.
  • Riders and their helpers should display good sportsmanship and support each other by exercising due care and consideration when using warm up areas.
  • The cross country course (at all times) and horse play areas (except during the Extreme Trail Classes) are strictly NO HORSE zones and failure to comply with this will result in your immediate elimination from the competition. These areas will be clearly marked on a map that will be supplied on arrival to the competition.
  • The sand track surrounding the centre ring area is a strictly walking pace only area for horses.


  • A properly fitted and fastened, current Australian safety standard approved protective headgear must be worn at all times when in the saddle.
  • Wearing of a properly fitted and fastened, current Australian safety standard approved protective vest is recommended especially for jumping, stock challenge and sporting events.
  • Riders must wear appropriate riding boots and long pants when mounted.
  • It is the decision of the individual school as to the dress requirements for their riders – the School Sports or Formal Uniform or School’s Equestrian Uniform and/or Riding Jackets. In keeping with the ethos of the event no team, individual or school will be penalised for neat casual dress i.e. Sports Polo with appropriate safety equipment.
  • Neck straps or ‘monkey grips’ are allowed.
  • Boots or bandages may be used in all classes.
  • Braiding or plaiting of the mane, tail or forelock is optional. Manes may be long, trimmed, pulled or hogged and tails may be natural, trimmed or pulled. Coats and facial hairs may be clipped or trimmed. False tails, manes and forelocks are permitted.
  • School sports or formal uniform (polo and short/long-sleeved shirt) and suitable long riding pants, jeans or jodhpurs. In the case of inclement weather, a jacket, vest or jumper. Gloves are optional.
  • Spurs of western or English type. Smooth to touch. Rowels are permitted but must be smooth and rotate freely. Any types of side rollers or upturned shanks are not allowed. Using the leg or spur in front of the cinch/girth is not permitted.
  • Discreet use of a whip, no longer than 120 cm (47.24 inches) including lash for Dressage and Western Dressage, or no longer than 75cm (including flapper) for other events.
  • Bits, spurs, whips and any other tack or equipment should never be used in a manner that intentionally or carelessly causes injury to the horse.

Elimination from Class or Competition by the Judge, or Organising Committee where relevant, occurs as a result of any of the following:

Elimination from the Class

  • Loss of control such as bucking, rearing or being unable to guide the horse
  • Use of illegal equipment/ equipment that is not permitted for the class 
  • Concern for the safety or welfare of rider, horse, Judge, other exhibitors, or public
  • Misrepresentation of entry or inappropriate entry

Elimination from the Competition

  • Cruelty to the horse
  • Misuse and/or use of illegal equipment in a manner that is intended or likely to cause injury or abuse to the horse including excessive use of whips or spurs
  • In the case of marked lameness the Judge shall inform the rider of elimination from the event

Prep, Year 1 and 2 Riders

  • Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 riders may be led while participating in their classes
  • The leader must be eighteen (18) years of age or over and should be appropriately attired and must wear enclosed safe shoes 
  • The lead line must be of an appropriate length and construction
  • The lead must be attached to a halter that is under the bridle

                                   The lead cannot be attached to the bit


Assisted Rider Information- Saturday 22nd August

Click HERE to download Assisted Rider Information


English Dressage Tests- Thursday 20th August (Only 1 Test per Rider)

Click HERE to download Prep C Test

Click HERE to download Prep E Test

Click HERE to download Preliminary 1A Test

Click HERE to download Preliminary 1C Test

Click HERE to download Novice 2B Test


Ranch Riding Pattern- Friday 21st August

Click HERE to download Ranch Riding Pattern


Dry Work Challenge Pattern- Friday 21st August

Click HERE to download Dry Work Challenge Pattern


Extreme Trail Patterns- Friday 21st August

These Patterns will come closer to the event.


Sporting Events - Saturday 22nd August

Click HERE to download Maroochy Bend Event

Click HERE to download Barrel Race Event

Click HERE to download Ben Bar Aft Event


Jumping Heights- Saturday 22nd August (Only 1 Jump Height per Rider

40cm, 60cm, 80cm & 90cm 











Assisted Competition - see confiditions of entry - Saturday 22th August - Can not enter in any other

Assisted Competition Entry (includes Dressage, Rider, Trail and Sporting)

Hacking - Thursday 20th August

Hacking (Rider Class & Hack/Galloway/Pony Class)

Sporting - Saturday 22nd August

Sporting (Ben Bar Aft, Barrel & Maroochy Bend)

Western Day Friday 21st August

Dry Pattern
Extreme Trail

Working Mechanical Cow - Friday 21st August

Working Mechanical Cow

English Dressage (Maximum 1 test per rider) - Thursday 20th August

Preparatory C
Preparatory E
Preliminary 1A
Preliminary 1C
Novice 2B

Ranch Riding - Friday 21st August

Ranch Riding Pattern 2

Show Jumping (Only Height Jump per Rider) - Saturday 22nd August

40cm - Clear Round and jump off
60cm - Clear Round and Jump off
80cm - Clear Round and Jump Off
90cm - Clear Round and Jump Off

Event Notes

Stables $15/day or $40 for complete event
Camping $20 per site per night (Wed-Fri night only

Contact Details

Riverside Christian College
Riverside Christian College
Riverside Christian College

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