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Fraser Coast Ag Show - Patchwork & Quilting

Maryborough Showgrounds & Equestrian Park

18/04/2019 4 PM




Thursday & Friday, 23 & 24 May 2019


Van Cootens Drapery, Howard

Maryborough Creative Fabrics Craft Group

Patchwork on Pallas,  Maryborough

Morgan Sewing Centre, Hervey Bay

Dewdrop Inn Patchwork & Craft, Hervey Bay

Chief Steward:  Edith Tudman  4121 0672

  1. Section Conditions: Online Entries are encouraged and available 1st December 2018,  Entry must be paid for at time of lodgement. Secure payment is available. An email confirmation will be sent on completion. Exhibits to be delivered as per schedule.  Entries close 3.30pm Thursday 18 April 2019 NO late entries accepted. Alternatively, entry forms and fees can be posted to the Fraser Coast Agriculture Show at  PO Box 232, Maryborough, Qld 4650, or entry form lodged and paid at the Show Office 84 Gympie Rd, Tinana, Qld, between 9.30am and 3.30pm Mon to Thurs no later than Thursday 18 April 2019NO late entries accepted
  2. All exhibits to be delivered to the Community Pavilion at the Showgrounds on Monday 20 May 2019 between 8.30 am and 12.00 noon. All entries are to be paid for prior to delivery  NO late entries accepted.
  3. All exhibits must remain on display until 8pm Friday, 24th May 2019.
  4. Entries are limited to, two entries per person per class.
  5. Exhibits must have the exhibitors name, address and phone number printed on paper inside an envelope. This must be pinned to the back of the entry.  All names must be covered if sewn on. Exhibits must have Section/Class entry slip (as attached) (A & B in one piece, cut on red line , add your name address and phone number to the back of the (A) These slips are also available from our office 84 Gympie Road, Tinana Mon – Thurs 9.30am  – 3.30pm. Exhibitor & entry number will be added when your item is delivered to the showgrounds by the Chief Steward.
  6. Entries must be completed within 2 years of the show and not have been exhibited or awarded a prize at any previous Fraser Coast Shows.
  7. Quilts must have a rod pocket, temporary sewn or pinned on to the top of quilt.
  8. Wall hangings must have pockets and their own rods.
  9. A Junior is a person under 18 years.
  10. A Professional is someone who sews for a living, teaches sewing, makes money out of her work, or has won two Champion prizes at a previous Fraser Coast Show.
  11. Judging will take place on Tuesday 21nd May 2019 at 9am.
  12. Due to space restrictions, not all entries may be able to be displayed. This will be at the discretion of the Chief Steward.
  13. All entries may be collected on Saturday 25 May 2019 between 9.00 am – 11.00 am from the hall. Any entries not collected from the showgrounds, will be available from the Show Office, 84 Gympie Road, Tinana on Tuesday 28th  May 2019 between 10.00am and 3.00pm.

Entry Fee:            $2.00 per entry

PRIZES:Each class:  

Prize Card and ribbon for  1st, 2nd, 3rd

Card for Highly Commended and Encouragement.


Voucher and Sash each section.

Reserve Champion:

Voucher and Sash (Non-Professional Classes only).

Presidents Encouragement Award:

Card and sash

(From the Non Professional classes).

Best Quilt of the show determined by the judge from all classes is eligible to go to the Brisbane Ekka.


Class 24001  QUILT

Double or Queen size - Patchwork - sewn and quilted by the same person.

Class 24002  QUILT

Single, Cot or Lap size – sewn and quilted by the same person.

Class 24003  WALL HANGING

up to 120cm – Patchwork - any technique.


Class 24004  QUILT

Double or Queen size - patchwork - sewn and quilted by the same person.

Class 24005  QUILT

Single, Cot or Lap size - patchwork - sewn and quilted by the same person.

Class 24006  QUILT

up to Queen size - patchwork – commercially quilted.

Class 24007  QUILT

up to Queen size - mixed media – quilted any way.

Class 24008  QUILT

up to Queen size - machine applique / machine embroidered.



up to 40cm – patchwork – any technique.

Class 24010  WALL HANGING

up to 120cm – patchwork – any technique.

Class 24011  WALL HANGING

up to 120cm - any technique – show theme      CANE AND CATTLE.

Class 24012  BAG

Patchwork - any technique.

Class 24013  CUSHION

Patchwork - any technique - must be filled.

Class 24014  TABLE LINEN

Patchwork – any technique.

Class 24015  TABLE LINEN

Machine embroidery/machine applique

Class 24016  ANY ITEM

of patchwork not covered in above classes.


Class 24017  QUILT or WALL HANGING

any technique..

Class 24018  CUSHION or BAG

any technique.


Class 24019  ANY ITEM

Junior - Novice – Patchwork -  any technique.

Class 24020  QUILT or WALL HANGING

Senior  - Novice - Patchwork - any technique.

Class 24021  CUSHION or BAG

Senior - Novice – Patchwork - any technique.



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