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Christmas in July Funkhana 28th July 2024

Fancy Dress is seriously encouraged for this fun and low key event just for BRC members. There will
be great prizes for the best dressed. So please come along wearing your best Christmas outfit (or
dress up your horse, or both!) and be sure to bring plenty of Christmas cheer. Ho ho ho Merry
Christmas (in July!)

Here is some information about how the day will be run.

The Funkhana will consist of 3 phases – sporting, a showjumping round and an obstacle course.

There will be 3 groups of riders determined by the height of the showjumps.

Jump heights are 30cm, 45cm and 60cm.

Riders will rotate through the 3 phases as a group and ribbons to 6th place will be awarded in each phase. There will be no overall winner award. The groups will rotate through each phase simultaneously - for example, group 1 will be doing showjumping when group 2 is doing obstacles and group 3 is doing sporting and so on. As each group completes a phase, the group will move on to the next phase until all 3 phases have been completed by that group.

As well as prizes for Best Fancy Dress, there will be lucky door prizes for those riding on the day and a draw for volunteers who helped setup or pack up on the day.


Please refer to the draw to see who is in your group and in what order that group will move through the phases.  This will be emailed to riders and will be available on the day.

The show jumps will be raised in height for each class, no change will be made to their positioning.
No one is to jump the warmup show jumps until they have reported to the judge and her penciller.


Sporting Phase

The sporting rules are easy – fastest time wins! A list of the games will be provided prior to the day and guidance will be provided on the day.

Showjumping Phase

The show jumping will be run as a Top Score round. This means there is no set course. The show jumps will be raised in height for each class, no change will be made to their positioning. No one is to jump the warmup show jumps until they have reported to the judge and her penciller.

 Each jump is allocated a point value and you decide which jumps you will jump and in what order. A coloured ribbon will be attached to each jump which will indicate what that jump is worth.

o Pink is worth 5 points,
o Green is worth 10 points,
o Blue is worth 15 points

o Yellow is worth 20 points
o The Joker is marked with picture of a joker and is worth 50 points. However, if you knock the Joker rail down you lose 50 points.

 You have an allocated time (90 seconds) and your time starts when you ride through the
start flags after the judge gives you the bell to start.
 The bell will ring again once your time is up. If you are in the act of jumping a jump when the finish bell rings that jump will count towards your score, any jumps taken after the bell rings will not count towards your score.
 Each jump can be jumped once in each direction to collect its value except the Joker which can only be jumped once.
 If you knock a rail down on a jump other than the Joker, you will not score the points for that jump, and you cannot jump it again in either direction for further points.
 If you have a refusal there is no penalty, other than the time you lose with the refusal. You may reattempt the jump or move onto another jump.
 The Joker rules. There will be a jump clearly marked as the “Joker”. This jump can only be
jumped once and has a higher point value than the other jumps. HOWEVER, if you knock the rail down you will be penalised the same number of points from your score.
 The great thing about Top Score is that if you are having a really bad day, you can ride
around between the jumps for 90 seconds and not jump a single jump or you can even walk over the jumps. However, there will no doubt be lots of encouragement happening for you to attempt at least one jump!

Obstacle Course

The course is designed to be fun and will consist of several (~10) Christmassy Obstacles.
The course will be run over the 2 sand dressage arenas and a map of the course will be provided before and on the day.
 You will have a set time (3min 30sec {tbc}), time starting from when you complete the first obstacle
 Each obstacle has a set equal value but some obstacles have the opportunity to get bonus
 You can only complete each obstacle once to receive the points
 Failure to correctly complete the obstacle will result in no points collected, the obstacle may
be reattempted once only if you wish. However if you completely demolish the obstacle equipment such that it can no longer be completed correctly you cannot reattempt it.
 Riders may check with the judge to confirm if they have completed the obstacle correctly, a yes/no answer only will be given and further direction cannot be requested from or provided by the judge.
 For the really smooth operators out there who complete all obstacles within the allocated
time and cross the finish line to have your time recorded and if required this will be used for the tie break (plus bragging rights).


Dress is fancy dress, smart attire or club uniform. Plaiting not required. Helmets and footwear must
comply with current EA standards.

Helmets must be tagged.


A saddle and snaffle bridle is compulsory.
The stirrup iron and stirrup leathers must hang free from the bar of the saddle and outside of the
flap. Hoof boots are permitted. Ear bonnets are not permitted.


A Christmas lunch will be included - meat or vegetarian option.


Scratchings prior to the day to 2mybrc@gmail and on the day to Lisa Camp on 0407-672-310.

Refund of $10 entry fee (less nominate fee) is only possible with a medical or vet certificate.

30 CM Jump Group - DAY ENTRY - Lunch included
3 left
30 cm (X rails and simple verticals)
45 CM Jump Group - DAY ENTRY - Lunch included
14 left
45 cm
60 CM Jump Group - DAY ENTRY - Lunch included
17 left
60 cm

Event Notes

Plenty - Remove ALL Manure !!

Contact Details
Bungendore Riding Club


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