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Camden Equitation Inc - Members Dressage Competition

Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park

Camden Equitation Inc
22/02/2020 11 PM


Camden Equitation Inc



INCLUDES ALL WEQ TESTS - WEQ tests will be run early morning !

We are the only dressage club in the Camden area that offer official competitive  tests recognised by Dressage NSW as qualifying scores.

Riders of all levels welcome to enter and have a go at EA and Working Equitation dressage tests!


Date:  Sunday, 8rd March, 2020

Closing Date for entries: Sunday 16th February, 2020



Enter via Exeter Street

Entry fee per test: $35

 Admin fee $10.00 (Non-Refundable) & Grounds fee $5.00


All riders must be current financial members of Camden Equitation Inc.

To join please follow the link

Wearing of hard hats/boots is compulsory.


1. Prepartory A

2. Preparatory C

3. Preliminary 1A

4. Preliminary 1B

5. Preliminary 1C

6.Novice 2A

7. Novice 2B

8.Elementary 3A

9. Elementary 3B

10. Medium 4A

11 Medium 4B

12. Advanced 5A

13.Advanced 5B

14 .FEI - riders Choice

15.WEQ Introductory 2

16.WEQ Preliminary 2

17.WEQ Debutante W2

All Riders need to help on the day, please nominate when you will be available to help pencil!
AS this is a members day you may wear a CEI Club Tshirt Or Dressage Shirt,  
The new Club Tshirts are available to order on Nominate:
PLAITING is NOT required!




All events will be held in accordance with current 2019 EA National Dressage Rules effective 1st January 2019 and any subsequent amendments. The Committee may grant exemptions to the rules for special promotional competitions. The onus is on the competitor to know the rules. The conditions apply to all CEI competitions.

Media photographs and videos my be taken during the event and used for promotional or educational purposes.  Please advise the organising committee if you DO NOT wish photographs of you or your horse used in club media.

Members Discount: If a rider claims the member discount and is NOT a member, the ENTRY WILL BE SUSPENDED, until membership is received (within 7 days).   If no membership payment is received within 7 days, entry fees will be refunded except for the administration fee of $10.00. All riders must be current financial members of CEI or EA to compete.

Bridle numbers are compulsory.  Bridle and EA numbers, must be provided at the time of entry on nominate. Call EA NSW for your free bridle number 02 9620 2660.   Two bridle numbers, one on each side of the horse orpony, must be clearly displayed while riding in front of the judge’s car.  Two bridle numbers are required on horses and ponies at all times while on the competition grounds.  This includes whilst hores and ponies are tied up and being led or lunged.   

Official Competitive Competitions (OC): Open to all EA Competitive members and attract grading points. Horses must have full EA registration and the owner must be a member of EA.
Closed Unrestricted competitions (CU): Rider must be a member of either Camden Equitation Inc. or EA (participation or competitive).
Closed Restricted competitions (CR): Rider must be a member of Camden Equitation Inc.
Riding on arenas prior to an event will cause elimination.

Hors Concurs: Riders wishing to ride HC (non competitive) must declare their intention in writing before the start of the test or at the time of entry on nominate. 

Preparatory Levels:  You must ride HC in preparatory tests if your horse has previously won in any previous preparatory classes. 

Entries: Entries are taken on a first in basis, and are only accepted via Nominate.

Ponies: In accordnce with EA rules, ponies must provide proof of height upon request to be elegible for pony classes.

Disputes: From time to time there is the need to lodge a protest in relation to the results of a competition. In these instances it is essential to follow the Protest Protocol, and the current EA Dressage Rules.  All protests must be submitted in writing to the organising committee within 30 minutes of the happening which gave rise to the protest, as per EA rules.  Such written protest must be accompanied by a fee of $50, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

Tests:  Maximum of three tests per horse and competitors are limited to a maximum of four rides at any one event.


Dressage: two consecutive levels only per horse allowed.
Working Equitation:  Horses may compete at any level HC (non competitive) but may NOT compete at any level lower than its current level.

Callers: Callers are permitted.  Riders in Working Equitation Dressage tests with callers will be penalised 2 points.  Riders in Working Equitation Style phase with callers will incur a 5 point penalty.

Riders: Riders may be changed up to an hour before the start of competition on notification to the Event Secretary or Club House Manager.  The new rider must be a current CEI financial member or provide EA membership card.  However, rider may not be changed if another rider has ridden the horse on the day.   Draw position cannot be changed without the permission of the Organising Committee. One rider per horse for the entire event.

Horses:  Any change of horse or pony must be requested in writing with the Organising Committee, approval received at least 48 hours before the start of the competition.

Draw:  Every attempt is made to accommodate riders, horses and tests within appropriate time frames, and at rider’s requests, as recommended by EA.  However the organising committee reserves the right to design the draw in the most appropriate manner to suit all competitors.  The organising Committee has the final say regarding the draw and protracted discussions will not be entered into. The draw will be emailed to all entrants and available on the Camden Equitation Inc. website and FACEBOOK. Once the final draw is posted their will be NO CHANGES.  If there are scratchings on the day, then horses may be moved up the draw.
Insufficient entries: The Organising Committee reserves the right to delete or combine any competitions in the case of insufficient entries.

Oversubscription: In the case of oversubscription, entries may be limited and taken in order of receipt.

Scratchings: Scratching’s will be accepted up to the closing date of the event. Refund: A full refund less the administration fee will be given if scratched before the closing date in nominate.  After entries close, a fifty per cent (50%) refund will only be issued by providing a Veterinarian or Medical Certificate, to the Event Secretary within 48 hours after competition.

Cards: Registration and performance cards must be available on the day.

Ribbons: Ribbons will be awarded as follows, depending on the size of the class. Up to 5 riders, ribbons to 3rd place, up to 10 riders, ribbons provided to 5th place and 10 or more riders ribbons to 8th place.

Gear Check: Gear checks are compulsory.  For dressage competitions, riders and horses must be checked by the gear steward prior to each test.  For working equitation, riders and horses must be checked by the gear steward prior to entry into the competition arena, and no changes of tack or attire are allowed for the duration of the competition (saddles and bits may be changed for the cattle phase).  Elimination can occur if gear checks are not completed.  Nosebands MUST be sufficiently loose to fit two fingers standing away from the horse’s nose.  Failure to rectify a noseband that is too tight as directed by the gear steward or judge will incur elimination.

Dogs: All dogs must be kept on a leash. Dogs, children, prams etc. are not allowed in the actual competition and warmup areas.
Veterinary checks: Random swabbing may take place. If approached by the Official Steward/Vet Officer of the day, the person responsible for the horse must allow samples to be taken.

Competition Changes and Cancellation: In the event of the competition being cancelled due to inclement weather, entry fees will be refunded less the $10.00 administration fee. These fees are non-refundable. The CEI website and Facebook page will be updated in the event of change. For all changes after the closing date, all entered competitors will be emailed via Nominate.
No horses are to be ridden at the CEI competition or on competition grounds unless they are entered in the competition and the riders are financial members of EA or CEI with current disclaimers.

Any rider who fails to comply with these conditions of entry or a direction of any member of the committee may be eliminated.
Risk Warning and Disclaimer:
1.      Horse riding is a dangerous activity and can result in serious injury (including death) and loss.
2.      All persons who ride, or tend a horse on these grounds do so entirely at their own risk.
Neither Equestrian Australia, the Camden Equitation Inc committee, nor any member there of accepts any liability for any damage, accident, injury or illness (including death) to horse, owners, spectators and volunteers suffered by any person or property whatsoever.

Canteen available on the day



Preparatory A - Closed Restricted
24 left
Preparatory C - Closed Restricted
25 left
Preliminary 1A - Closed Restricted
20 left
Preliminary 1B - Closed Restricted
21 left
Preliminary 1C - Closed Restricted
25 left
Novice 2A - Closed Restricted
19 left
Novice 2B - Closed Restricted
20 left
Elementary 3A - Closed Restricted
26 left
Elementary 3B - Closed Restricted
26 left
Medium 4A - Closed Restricted
28 left
Medium 4B - Closed Restricted
29 left
Advanced 5A - Closed Restricted
30 left
Grass Arena
Advanced 5B - Closed Restricted
30 left
Grass Arena
FEI Riders Choice - Closed Restricted
Note: Grass arena
Working Equitation - Intro Dressage Test 2
11 left
Working Equitation - Prelim Dressage Test 2
10 left
Working Equitation - Debutante W 2
12 left

Event Notes


Contact Details

Glynis Dickinson
0407 734 148
Camden Equitation Inc
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