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Nana Glen Sports Ground

 75 Morrows Rd , Nana Glen , NSW , 2450
Postal Address
 (02) 6654 4102

Nana Glen

 Nana Glen is a small village in New South Wales, Australia, located 25km inland north east of Coffs Harbour in the City of Coffs Harbour. It has a primary school, general store, church and sports ground. It is at the juncture of several roads including Bucca Road leading to Lower Bucca. The Orara Way (Fomerly known as Coramba Road) is the main throughfare through the township and is an alternative route between Grafton and Coffs Harbour. It is situated between the townships of Coramba and Glenreagh. The well-known film actor Russell Crowe lives at his 320 hectare property in Nana Glen, which as a result has become famous in Australia and abroad.

 The name Nana Glen is derived from the Two-Tailed Lizard. Nana is an aboriginal name meaning 'Two'. The lizard is rare mysterious reptile once sighted in the region. Hence the name Nana Glen.

 Nana Glen is a settlement situated in New South Wales, Australia. Nana Glen is 676 km from the Australian capital Canberra. Nearby places include Central Bucca, Coramba, Glenreagh, Lower Bucca. Nearby landmarks include Big Boambee, Charlesworth Bay, Dibbs Head, Moombil, Mount Elaine, Mount Lofty, North Beach, Ocean View Beach, Pipeclay Beach, Sandys Beach, Tuckers Nob, Tuckers Nobs.