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Jill Stanton Dressage Day 2018

Serpentine Equestrian Grounds

Serpentine Horse and Pony Club WA

***Please not changes to some EA tests***

Jill Stanton Dressage Weekend 2018

Saturday 21st July Afternoon TBA

PCWA Classes: Prep C, 1:2, 2:2, 3:2, 4:2, 5:2

Open PCWA Classes: Prep C, 1:2, 2:2

Sunday 22nd July Morning TBA

EA Competitor Horse Classes:1:3, 2:3, 3:3, 4:3, 5:3

EA Competitor Pony Classes:1:3, 2:3, 3:3, 4:3, 5:3

EA Participant Classes: Prep C, 1:2, 2:2,

FEI:  Prix St Georges


EA Cost: $30 per test + $7.00 Facility fee per horse DDF Levies $8.00 per test. $14.00 for more than 1 test. (Per horse)

PCWA Cost: $30 per test (Serpentine Horse and Pony Club members $20.00) + $7.00 Facility fee per horse.

PC Open Competitors must be registered with PCAWA as a PCAWA Open Rider, Competition Rider, Adult Supporter Mounted or Club Coach.

INSURANCE Day Membership is no longer offered for PC Open Competitors.

Refundable Helper fee $30 per horse

Limited Canteen on Saturday afternoon.

This event is held under the current PCAWA Dressage Rules. Making an entry for this event constitutes implicit acceptance of the PCAWA rules. A competitor is ultimately responsible for knowing these rules and complying with them. These can be reviewed at http://www.pcawa.com/

Riders entered in Pony Club classes must be current financial members of a Pony Club affiliated with the PCAWA. Open Riders must show proof of current open rider registration. In PCAWA classes, PCAWA members and open riders may not compete in the same class. Classes may be offered for open riders at the Organiser’s discretion.



Conditions of Entry apply ****No dogs allowed*** Entries to: PLEASE ENTER VIA NOMINATE Enquires to: ashagearing@hotmail.com and marty_sharon@bigpond.com  

Entries close: Monday 2nd July 2018, Midnight - No late entries accepted Draw/Helper Duties available: Wednesday 18th July 2018 on the Nominate website Enquiries: Asha Gearing 0407 770 466 or Sharon Hill 0400 219 759 EVENT Location: 1432 Karnup Road, Serpentine WA 6125.

AWARDS Prizes and ribbons will be awarded to all first placegetters. Ribbons awarded to 6th place in all classes. Presentations are unmounted and will be held in front of the clubhouse at the completion of scoring.

Conditions of Entry

 1. Entries will close at midnight Monday 2nd July 2018, Midnight, or when classes are full.

2. Conditions of Entry – by forwarding an entry to SHPC, the rider acknowledges acceptance & understanding of the Conditions of Entry to this event.

3. Disclaimer of Liability – by attending, riders and other attendees acknowledge acceptance & understanding that they participate in this event at their own risk.

4. Rules – this event will be conducted in accordance with the current 2018 EA National dressage Rules and EA General Regulations.

5. Levels – a horse or pony can enter no more than 2 consecutive levels & compete in a maximum of 3 tests per day. If a rider chooses to ride in the same level twice, the second  test is HC.

6. One horse, one rider – no horse may compete with 2 riders.

7. The SHPC Committee will endeavour to post on nominate the provisional draw on or before the Wednesday the week of the Competition.

8. Final Draw – this will be posted on or before Thursday on Nominate website. 9. PCWA competitors must be current members and proof of membership may be required on the day.

10. Competitor competitions – horses must be registered with EWA for competitor classes and have a current Dressage Performance Card. Bridle numbers must be displayed both sides of horse. Participant Classes – Riders must be either a competitor or a participant member of EWA. Horses/Ponies need not be registered with EWA. Dressage numbers are not required for participant competition. Young Riders – Are eligible to compete as a Young rider from the start of the year in which they turn 16 years of age to the end of the year they turn 21 yrs of age. Junior Riders – Are eligible to compete from the start of the year they turn 10 to the end of the year they turn 18 riding a horse, Junior Riders 8 years and above may ride a pony in official competitor competition.

11. EWA members – ALL riders must be EWA members to compete in the competitor classes. Horses and ponies must be EWA registered & have a Dressage Performance Card or Pony Dressage Performance Card to compete as a competitor.

12. Eligibility – for a horse to be eligible to enter an official competition the rider must be a financial member of EWA: the owner of the horse must be a financial member of EWA. A rider may ride a pony in official competition from the start of the year they turn 8 years of age. A rider may ride a horse in official competition from the start of the year they turn 10 years of age. There is no maximum age for riding horses or ponies in official competition.

13. EA Ponies – must hold a current, valid EWA Height Certificate showing they do not exceed 149 cm with shoes, 148 cm without shoes

14. Bridle numbers, (stallion disc for stallions) – must be worn on both sides of either the bridle or saddlecloths of an official horse/pony at all times except when in a yard, at an official event, including when being handled in a head collar or lunged.

15. Alterations – the program may be altered subject to the organiser’s discretion.

16. Entry fee for tests - $30 per test. EA Levies are $8 per horse including Participant classes for one test ridden, and $14 for two or more ridden tests, (per horse). FacilityFee – a ground fee of $7 will be charged per horse.

18. Insurance – EA or PCWA Insurance waiver must accompany all entries

19. Timing – timing of the classes may change from the published program, it is the competitors responsibility to check the draw. Please check for draw updates when you arrive at the event.

20. Saddlery, clothing and equipment – it is the competitors responsibility to comply with the current EA National Dressage rules and or PCWA rules, long sleeves must be worn.

21. Swabbing – may take place.

22. Refunds – entry fees will be refunded in full for withdrawals before the closing date of entries. Entry fees will not be refunded after the closing date of entries. Medical/Vet Certificates must be submitted within 24 hours of the event for a refund.

23. Scratchings/Withdrawals please contact Asha Gearing 0407 770 466. All scratchings after the closing date must be accompanied by a doctor’s certificate or vet certificate to be eligible for a refund.

24. Arena familiarisation – competitors may bring a horse into the competition space (not arena) in walk only, 1 hour prior to commencement of the competition. All horses must vacate the competition space 20 minutes prior to commencement of the competition.

25. Canteen will be available for food and drinks will be available for purchase on the day of competition.

26. Dogs – Strictly NO dogs allowed.

 27. Caution Cards – SHPC events are ‘Goodwill’ events. Transitions appreciate the valuable contribution volunteers & officials make to our sport. It supports the mantra: ‘Respect volunteers & officials’. Where a participant or supporter breaches the EA Code of Conduct, Caution Cards will be issued & details noted.

28. Yards - Please note there are yards available. For booking please email Asha ashagearing@hotmail.com $10.00 per yard. Payments to be made to BSB: 633000

Account number: 154006852 Account Name: SHPC Dressage. Reference as: JS Yard & Surname


29. Warm up etiquette – as documented on the EWA/DWA website and posted at our event. Correct protocol in the warm up arena is expected. Please be considerate if lunging, go out be back behind the picture frame jump and do not allow your horse to rip it up. Helmets must be worn when lunging.

30. It is recommended that competitors report to the Marshall/Gear Checker for inspection 20 minutes prior to competing. Gear Checkers will be in orange/blue vests near the tree line. Gear check a) A Gear check is required prior to each test. b) All competitors must present to the Gear Steward c) Once gear checked you must not dismount or leave the warm up area. d) Failure to have a gear check will incur elimination. e) Please be aware you are expected to be riding through the letter ’Á’ to start your test at your nominated time. PCAWA gear check rules will apply.http://www.pcawa.com/gear_checking.  Dress & Saddlery - Refer Appendix IV in PCWA Current Dressage Rules

31. Please note: All hay and manure is to be removed and taken home from around your float/Truck or placed in the manure bins.

32. Scoring – If you have a query regarding your score, you must refer it to a SHPC Grounds Jury and pay $100 for you protest, who will in turn follow it though on your behalf. Under no circumstances are riders or parents to approach the scoring team direct.

33. Disputes – Must be lodged in writing on the day of the event and clearly addressed to the SHPC Committee.



PCWA Classes Saturday

PCWA Prep C (10 year old and under) Saturday
PCWA Preliminary 1.2 (10 year old and under) Saturday
PCWA Preliminary 1.2 (11 - 13 year old) Saturday
PCWA Preliminary 1.2 (14 - 16 year old) Saturday
PCWA Preliminary 1.2 (17 - 25 year old) Saturday
PCWA Novice 2.2 (8 - 13 year old) Saturday
PCWA Novice 2.2 (14 - 16 year old) Saturday
PCWA Novice 2.2 (17 - 25 year old) Saturday
PCWA Elementary 3.2 (9 - 15 year old) Saturday
PCWA Elementary 3.2 (16 - 25 year old) Saturday
PCWA Medium 4.2 (9 - 25 year old) Saturday
PC Advanced 5.2 Saturday
EA Competitor Horse Preliminary 1.3 Sunday
EA Competitor Horse Novice 2.3 Sunday
EA Competitor Horse Elementary 3.3 Sunday
EA Competitor Horse Medium 4.3 Sunday
EA Competitor Horse Advanced 5.3 Sunday

EA Competitor Pony Classes Sunday

EA Competitor Pony Preliminary 1.3 Sunday
EA Competitor Pony Novice 2.3 Sunday
EA Competitor Pony Elementary 3.3 Sunday
EA Competitor Pony Medium 4.3 Sunday
EA Competitor Pony Advanced 5.3 Sunday

EA Participant Classes Sunday

EA Participant Prep C Sunday
EA Participant Preliminary 1.2 Sunday
EA Novice Participant 2.2 Sunday

Open PC Classes Saturday

Open PC Prep C Saturday
Open PC Preliminary 1.2 Saturday
Open PC Novice 2.2 Saturday

FEI Sunday

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