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Horses in Harmony
Are you having trouble with your horse? 
Or coping with anxiety whilst riding or handling your horse? 
Is it possible that your horse is not the right horse for your needs Or Is it possible the horse is just fine but you need help to put in safety buttons? 
How do you know the difference? 
Is your young horse being trained at each level of growth at the perfect time for optimum rideability 
These are all questions Greg Andrews from Horses in Harmony has been asked frequently. 
Greg is a true horse whisperer He has forty years experience with top-level horses.
From correct management and feeding regimes, to breeding, to Dressage training, to Halter training and all the way to ground tieing and long reining. 
Like so many Australian trainers his initial career was in breaking in pre-trainers and trackwork and enjoying camp drafting on his time. He's done it all and done it extremely well with high profile horses. He has been the brains and skills behind producing many many MANY! Top horses.
His expertise has produced and coached his wife's team of horses to elite level for many years and her students and literally 1000's of top youngsters, Greg has a particular calm strength and humour about him that helps his students relax and his horses respond willingly. Greg will be doing clinics all over Australia in the near future.
One of Greg's main aims is to help nervous riders and nervous horses find harmony and safety and reach their goals. He also has 2 hidden weapons that so far he has only used with a few select riders. Greg is an on the ground piaffe specialist! And his skill in long reining is quite legendary. His horses ground manners and skills hold them steady throughout their careers. He is of course the consummate professional halter trainer, however this is only one of the skills in his vast systematic craft of working with horses in harmony.
Services include: Piaffe passage training -Long reining youngsters -Weaning and after weaning i.e.: first experience and laying ground work for good manners in future. He helps his babies gain confidence for Farrier’s, floating, washing and general handling -stallion handling and teaching them Semen collection on phantoms. Assessment of remedial horses, starting young sport horses, halter training for the show ring, consulting on setting up income producing horse stables and farms.

Horses in Harmony - 9am to 10am
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Roz George
Roz George


We look forward to welcoming you to Honovi Performance Horses.

We know that you will enjoy your session with Greg Andrews.

While we love dogs at Honovi, we would ask that you not bring yours sorry.

We provide a sausage sizzle lunch.

Kind regards

Peter and Roz George


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