Equestra Clinics 2019

Western Australia State Equestrian Centre

Equestrian Western Australia


Sunday 8th December 

State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon

Celebrating the bond of horse and human Equestra clinics offer a fantastic opportunity to work with the stars of Equestra Show. 

Clinics from $60. Fence Sitters welcome - $10 pre sale. $20 on the day

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Participant Information

Clinic Start Times

Arenas will open 20 minutes prior to the lesson start time for desensitising & warm ups

Please ensure you are in the arena ready at least 5 minutes prior to the lesson start time


Entry Tickets

Every participant will receive 2 entry passes for the day - one for the participant and one for a groom. Only Equestra staff, riders & grooms will be permitted entry to the stables & float parking.



Stables will be unavailable for the clinics

Yards are available at PC grounds, please ensure these are left clean & free of manure

No horses are to be left unsupervised tied to floats or trucks



Both bitted and bitless bridles or bosals are permitted provided the horse is under control

For Body Control on the Ground you will require a driving or lunge whip and rope halter with long led rope


Must be kept on a leash at all times. Please keep dogs out of the arenas.


Clinician 1: Dan Steers

Dan grew up in the South West of Western Australia and was first introduced to horses in his early teens. At 15yrs of age he began working for master farrier and horseman Pete Webber. It was here Dan developed both his horsemanship and farrier skills. At 17yrs of age Dan began working for cutting trainer Corry Holden in Cobram Victoria where he spent the following 6 months starting and training young horses – it was here that Dan was first recognised in the show ring – winning many senior & junior cutting events. In early 2002 Dan returned to WA and began working at Taunton Vale – a large Thoroughbred and Australian Stock Horse stud in the southwest. Here he was involved in all aspects of breeding, training, showing and yearling preparation.

In 2007 Dan won the ACA Western Australian Reserve Champion Open Campdraft rider after winning multiple campdrafts and Stock horse futurities. Dan’s love of horses and desire to diversify his skills led him to gain part time work with master farrier Brent Tyler – it was over a 3 year period he developed his knowledge and skills – shoeing horses for many disciplines and working closely with local veterinarians whilst managing a 10,000acre cattle property. He was now conducting regular horsemanship clinics and was well respected for his horsemanship skills and talent in the arena.

During 2008 Dan joined his good friend Dan James at El Caballo Spanish Horse centre, Wooroloo WA - where they performed as “The Dan & Dan Show” each weekend – refining his showmanship and training skills. In 2009 – Dan & Dan relocated their training business to NSW and “Double Dan Horsemanship” was born. The boys have raised the bar in horsemanship, education and entertainment. Both highly skilled horsemen are sort after for their ability to entertain and thrill audiences of horsey and non-horsey people alike. Under the Double Dan Horsemanship banner they travel Australia and more recently the USA teaching, educating and competeing.

$210 per participant


Clinician 2: Vanessa Hancox 

Needing no introduction, Vanessa Hancox is a leading WA based instructor whose clinics are regular sellouts. She'll be running 2 polework clinics and 1 Western Dressage clinic at Equestra so come along, learn some new skills and have some fun with your horse

 $120 per participant


Clinician 3: West Coast Cowboys

A Western Australia based equine club that competes in Extreme Cowboys racing which originated in USA. West Coast Cowboys was the first club to introduce the sport to Western Australia and is the only club of its sport. The word extreme seems to worry some but never fear, we have extreme fun with our horses and the obstacles we have to play with! Cowboys racing is a new and exhilarating sport to WA that allows horse and rider teams to complete a course of obstacles that range in difficulty and divisions, this sport is suited to all riders, young & old. Join us in the Equestra clinic to learn this exhilarating sport and how to work with your horse over our obstacles, we guarantee you'll have a whole lot of fun! 

Participant Fee: $60 per participant


Clinician 4 Brookleigh Working Equitation

Brookleigh Working Equitation Club, along with a team of coaches, who specialise in their chosen fields, offer you state of the art facilities and a supportive, safe and fun learning environment for you and your horse.

Brookleigh Working Equitation is a not for profit Club. 

The main focus of Brookleigh Working Equitation Club is on helping you learn the skills required to complete all of the Working Equitation phases including Obstacles (Style & Speed), Dressage & Cattle safely, correctly and accurately.  Ensuring you are supported by our qualified team of coaches and most importantly of all … You and your horse are having FUN! 

All Riding backgrounds welcome and you can ride Bitless, Bosal or Bitted!

Join the Brookleigh Working Equitation Clinic to give this sport a try and have some fun doing it! No previous Working Equitation experience is necessary.

$60 per participant


Clinician 5: Louise Ratcliff

If you've ever watched the magic Louise Ratcliffe has with her horses this is your chance to find out more! Join Louise for a 2 hour clinic to learn more about working your horse at liberty and other tricks so that you can also dance with your horse

No previous liberty experience necessary to join this clinic - numbers will be strictly limited so that everyone gets plenty of practice time with Louise's expert advice.

$120 Per participant




Clinician 1 - Dan Steers

Dan Steers - Session 1 "Body Control on the Ground" - 9am to 1pm
Dan Steers - Session 2 "Body Control Under Saddle" - 2pm to 5pm

Clinician 2 - Vanessa Hancox

Vanessa Hancox - Session 2 - 12-2:00pm - Pole Work (Green Horse/Rider)
Vanessa Hancox - Session 3 - 2:30-4:30pm - Western Dressage

Clinician 3 - West Coast Cowboys

West Coast Cowboys - Session 1 - 10-12:00pm

Clinician 4 - Brookleigh Working Equitation

Brookleigh Working Equitation - Session 1 - 12:30-2:30pm

Clinician 5 - Louise Ratcliff

Louise Ratcliff - Session 1 - 2:30-4:30pm

Pre-Purchased Fence Sitter Day Pass $10

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