Huon District Pony Club Spring Gymkhana & Show jumping-

Huon Pony Club Grounds

Huon Pony Club

Hacking classes


Ring 1 – Topsy                                 Ring – 2 - Ponies


  1. Best Presented.                                                            Best Presented.
  2. Woolliest Pony.                                                            Woolliest Pony.
  3. Happiest Combination.                                              Novice Pony.
  4. Best Walk.                                                                       Pony 12hh and under.
  5. Best Trot.                                                                         Pony 12hh – 13hh
  6. Best Hands.                                                                    Pony 13hh – 14hh.
  7. Best Seat.                                                                        Pleasure Pony.
  8. Best Trick.                                                                        Best Educated Pony.
  9. Quietest Pony.                                                              Pair of Ponies.
  10. Most Impressive Mane and Tail.                           PC Member



Best Overall Topsy                                                           Champion & Reserve Pony



Ring 3 – Galloways                                   Ring 4 - Hacks


  1. Best Presented.                                                            Best Presented.
  2. Woolliest Galloway.                                                    Woolliest Hack
  3. Novice Galloway.                                                         Novice Hack
  4. Galloway 14hh – 12hh.                                           Hack 15hh -16hh
  5. Galloway 14.2hh – 15hh                                                            Hack over 16hh
  6. Pleasure Galloway.                                                      Pleasure Hack
  7. Best Educated Galloway                                            Best Educated Hack
  8. Pair of Galloways                                                         Pair of Hacks
  9. PC Member                                                                    PC Member



Champion & Reserve Galloway                                  Champion & Reserve Hack


Rider Classes

To commence on completion of Hacking classes

Ages as of 1 January


Junior Rider – Ring 2                             Intermediate Rider – Ring 3

(12 years and under)                                                      (13–17 years)


  1. Novice                                                                              Novice
  2. Rider 9 years and under.                                           Rider 13 years – 15 years
  3. Rider 10 years – 12 years.                                         Rider 16 years – 17 years
  4. Best Hands.                                                                    Best Hands


Champion and Reserve                                                  Champion and Reserve


Senior Rider – Ring 4

(18 years and over)


  1. Novice
  2. Rider 18 – 24 years
  3. Rider 25 years and over
  4. Best Hands


Champion and Reserve


Show Jumping

To commence on completion of Rider classes (approximately 12pm)

Max 2 classes per horse and rider combination

PC Qualifying classes under EA Rules


  1. Pole on the ground  (Article 238.2.1)
  2. 30cm  (Article 238.1)
  3. 45cm  (Article 238.2.1)
  4. 60cm  (Article 238.2.1)
  5. 70cm  (Article 238.2.1)
  6. 80cm  (Article 238.2.1)
  7. 95cm  (Article 238.2.1)
  8. 105cm  (Article 232.1)




Day Pass ( showing and 2 x jumping rounds)
Show jump rounds x 2

Event Notes


Contact Details

Becky Norris
Liz Walch



  • Entries are via nominate or on the day


Day Pass:                             $40 per day (or $35 if booked via nominate)


Individual Show jumping classes:               $5.00 per class.


Non PCAT members will need to pay a $10.00 day insurance.




  • Riders must wear a current PC or EA safety approved helmet and boots at all times.


  • Dress should be neat and smart (plaiting and jackets are optional) pony club uniform should be worn if a PC member.


  • Judges decision is final and no disputes will be entered into.


  • Unruly behaviour will not be tolerated.


  • Topsy classes are for beginner riders only, on and off lead rein.


  • Novice classes are for horse or rider who has never won a first at any show.


  • Best presented, Woolliest and Pairs not eligible for Champion and Reserve.


  • A horse and rider combination may only enter 2 SJ rounds.


  • No classes will be held up for late arrivals.


  • No stallions or dogs are permitted at this event.


  • The show committee reserves the right to amend this program at anytime without notice.


Neither the organisers, nor the Huon Pony Club nor the Pony Club Association accept any liability for any damage, injury or illness to riders, horses, spectators or any person or property whatsoever. Riders and spectators participate at their own risk

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