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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ride & Stay?

Ride & Stay is an accommodation option that invites you to bring a group of friends and their horses for a 2 day stay at Fernances Creek and to use our showjumping and cross-country courses. We can also set up Working Equitation and Dressage area on request. Yes, we have WIFI or Optus works.

Current Guidelines:
Small Group Bookings- We will accept small group rider bookings on our cross country course. EA riders can book a group of 5-10 riders or coaches with students.  Our B&B is still open. Although we are limited on what we can offer, we will continue to support XC/SJ riders as much as we can. 

You can book under options in Nominate and contact us directly for confirmation.

Please reference the important health notice from the EA; 

Where are you located?

Near the beautiful Wollombi Valley.

We are located at 57 Fernances Crossing Road, Laguna, NSW GPS Fernances Creek Riding Club. Take the

Peats Ridge exit towards Wollombi. We are approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes north of Hornsby or 30 minutes south of Gosford

How many guests can I have?

The Back Forty Cottage allows for up to 6 guests.(luxury stay)

Additional 6 can be accommodated in the Club House for an additional charge by arrangement. (Comfortable stay)

Small Groups up to 10 EA riders can be booked with or without coaches.

Is there an insurance requirement for riders?

All riders must be members of Equestrian Australia or carry equivalent riders insurance and provide membership numbers as well as proof of insurance.

There is no requirement for non-riding guests.

Can I have an instructor?

You can bring your own instructor or we can assist you in finding a qualified instructor.

Where will my horses stay?

We can provide stables, yards or paddocks for your horses with water access. You must bring your own feed for the duration of your stay.

Where and when can I ride during your stay?

You can ride at any time on our large cross-country paddock or in the showjumping paddock. There are some fire trails in the area that you can ride but they are not part of our property and would be under your own arrangement.

What about riding at your special Fernances Creek Riding Club Events?

If you book when an event is scheduled, you will be charged for an additional entry fee for the event but not for stabling.

Is it suitable for kids?

As long as the kids are EA riders and are accompanied by parents. Young children not riding must be supervised at all times. We have dams, farm equipment and horses on the property that must not be approached unless accompanied by us.


What else is there to do in the area?

There is the Great Northern Trading Post 10 minutes away. During the week you can get real coffee, breakfast, lunch, wine and cocktails. On Friday and Saturday there is dinner.

Wollombi is 20 minutes away and has shops, cafes, pub and markets and other events on some weekends. Go to Visit Wollombi to find out what is happening in the area. It is always fun to do some riding and then go to one of the local attractions later.

You can visit our haflinger horses and hear about our breeding program for the past 30 years or try our Sangiovese Brunello wine.

What does the Ride & Stay package include?


  • 2 night stay (minimum) for up to 6 guests in the Back Forty Cottage.
  • 2 days of riding for insured guests on our cross country or showjumping paddocks and equipment with additional Working Equitation or Dressage equipment on request. Trail riding on our property, all other trails will be at your own arrangement.
  • Yard, stables or paddock for your horses with access to water. You must provide feed for your own horses.


How do I book?

1. Choose a date and an alternate date in January, February or March.

2. Choose which accommodation option you would like to book, The Back Forty or the Clubhouse

3. Know the number of riders and horses for each day.

4. Know the EA rider numbers for insurance.

5. Send an email to to confirm date of booking with us.

6. Read the waiver, know that when you book, you have accepted the waiver.

7. Go into Nominate and select number of yards and then to Options to book Ride & Stay package.

8.  If you need a date beyond March contact us by email

What is your cancellation policy?

There is a 30% cancellation fee if cancelled less than 14 days. Our accommodation is also a B&B and will be blocked out to others when you book, hence the fee.

What do we recommend?

The Back Forty Cottage is a luxury cottage with lots of creature comforts, WI and satellite TV. It is great for a girls weekend away or for riders with non-rider friends or family that just want to come along and chill out but in comfort.  (1 queen, 2 king singles and a pull out queen) 5 stars on AirBB.

The Clubhouse is our equestrian clubhouse and also doubles as an AirBB. It is very comfortable and also suitable for a weekend away and is situated right next to the vineyard and the horse yards. It has some WIFI or Optus works well. (1 Queen, 2 Deluxe tents with super comfy cots and all bedding) You can also have all the cots in the Clubhouse if you do not want the tents) 5 stars also on AirBB. Kids love the clubhouse as it is very near the horses.

Look at Visit Wollombi and see what is happening in the area and line up your trip with local events here or in the wine area.

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