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Quercus Park


Northern Tasmanian Eventing Club

Freshman's Hickstead

Quercus Park

Sunday Oct 24th 2021

A non-competitive day to kick off the event season. This event will be training rounds only.

Riders will start at 2 minute intervals in their chosen height and you may re-jump, jump a lower height or miss out any fences on the course. Also with time to train between jumps you are able to circle, trot or re-present if you need to, without the time pressure of competition.

  • For TEA (NTEC, NWEA or STEA) members only
  • We need to be Covid-safe. Do not come if you are unwell in any way or have flu like symptoms. Everyone, including those not riding, will need to check- in on arrival 
  • 9am start
  • Entry via gate 2 
  • Casual dress but tagged helmets and level 3 body protectors required (Helmet tagging will be available)
  • There will be a canteen on the day

The Event

Maximum of 2 jumping classes PLUS the roads and Tracks as a warm-up if wanted. Riders can choose to do just the Roads and Tracks twice or any one class twice. 

  • Class 1 Roads and Tracks: There are no jumps in this class. The route will take you around the jumping course through flags/ markers. This class will be useful for green horses who haven’t been out much, so that they can have a good look at everything but can also be done by any horse entered on the day.
  • Class 2 A mixture of show jumps and cross-country jumps from 0cm to 50cm Speed 250m/min
  • Class 3 A mixture of show jumps and cross-country jumps from 50cm to 65cm Speed 300m/min
  • Class 4 A mixture of show jumps and cross-country jumps from 65cm to 80cm Speed 325m/min
  • Class 5 A mixture of show jumps and cross-country jumps from 80cm to 95cm Speed 325m/min
  • Riders must not re-present more than twice to any jump- they must then either attempt the lower jump or go on to the next one.
  • If riders have a fall, they must present to the paramedic before riding again.

$45 per horse for 2 classes plus/minus the Roads and Tracks class

Help Needed!

You are strongly encouraged to come to a working bee on Sunday 17th October to help set up. (Contact Sue Walton 0428695307) This will give you a head start on the course!! Please, everyone is to help pack up at the end of the day and remove all hay and manure.

Come and enjoy a great day out with your horse. It’s all about having fun!!

Roads and Tracks
0cm to 50cm
SJ and XC jumps
50cm to 65cm
SJ and XC jumps
65cm to 80cm
SJ and XC jumps
80cm to 95cm
SJ and XC jumps

Event Notes


Contact Details

Sue Walton
Sue Walton

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