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Fraser Coast Ag Show - Showjumping 2019

Maryborough Showgrounds & Equestrian Park



Thursday & Friday, 23 & 24 May 2019

Program / Classes subject to change. The organisers reserve the right to alter/amend/delete classes/events if deemed necessary on the day without consultation.

Open yards will be available to Showjump horses - if you require a covered stable see Section Condition 25 below for details on how to book.

Camping and yards for Showjumpers will be at the southern end of Centre Ring.  Questions regarding Showjump entries can be directed to lyndalroos01@bigpond.com or 0408 839 824.


Fraser Coast Regional Council

Kingston's Rural Supplies


Brett Tapscott Homes

Neville & Dianne Noakes

Hervey Bay Rural Supplies

Outback Slashing

Chief Steward:        Lyndal Roos

Program / Classes subject to change. The organisers reserve the right to alter/amend/delete classes/events if deemed necessary on the day without consultation.

All Showjumping nominations to be completed online including Camping, Gate Entry Passes which must be prepaid.  Please print your confirmation and present at the Horse Gate to collect your Gate and Camping Pass as well as your Gate Entry Tickets. No printed Confirmation , No entry. 

Large Vehicles - Please stop and the Horse Gate,have your confirmations ready and collect your Gate /Camping Passes as well as your Entry  Pass - then proceed to Gate 5 (off Showgrounds Rd) to enter the Showgrounds.  

Questions regarding Showjump entries can be directed to lyndalroos01@bigpond.com or 0408 839 824.


THAT A PRINTED HORSE HEALTH DECLARATION FORM , ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FORM + WAIVER FORM + Pre Paid Nomination form  BE HANDED TO THE CHIEF STEWARD OR NOMINEE in CENTRE RING  (when you arrive) AT THE SHOWGROUNDS otherwise entry may be refused to the competition. These forms can be found at Documents on this site. 

Section conditions: (These conditions to be read in conjunction with the QCAS Special & General Horse Regulations.)

  1. The Horse Gate will open at 6:00 am Thursday 23 May & Friday 24 May 2019.
  2. Remember, you must hand your ticket for entry into each class to the Steward prior to the event commencing. Clearly print showing rider's name and horse's name. This information is vital to the accuracy of publication by the ring announcer and newspaper. Some extra nominations will be taken on the day. Pick up your entry ticket into each class at Centre Ring - upon presentation of your printed nomination. 
  3. Stables: Stables Must be pre-booked online at nominate and not at the council office at the showgrounds.  The stable fees/rates are $7 per night per stable/yard. Bond $23 per stable per night, 5 horses or more Bond $15 per stable , per night. Stables will be open from Sunday 19th May 2019 to Saturday 25th  May 2019. Open yards will be available to Showjump horses which carry the same fee and Bond as the Stables. Booking confirmation MUST be brought to the Horse Gate before entering Stables. 
  4. Camping: Camping sites are available for the duration of the Show period. Camping is $11 per night per site, or $66 for 7 nights. MUST be prebooked on nominate and confirmation presented at Horse Gate to receive your Camping Pass
  5. Gate Entry Passes: (Discounted Fees): 1 day $12.00, 2 days $18.00, 1 day family pass (2 adults & 4 children) $30.00, 2 day family pass (2 adults & 4 children) $40.00. MUST be booked online. Please print confirmation and present to Horse Gate to exchange for Show entry tickets. No confirmation, no Entry. 
  6. Prize Money: to be collected from the Finance Van Thurs 23th & Fri 24th May 2019 between 10am and 6.00pm. The Finance Van will close at 6.00pm sharp. No prize money payment will be given at Centre Ring. 
  7. The Society's Honorary Vet is Dr David Goddard. If you require the services of the Society's Honorary Vet, please contact the Show Office. 
  9. District Events are open to horses and riders who are residents in the cities of Maryborough, Hervey Bay and the Shire of the Fraser Coast Regional Council and have been so for a minimum of three (3) months.
  10. Random Drug Testing may be conducted.
  11. The age of the horse shall be calculated from the first day of August. Every horse foaled before August in any year shall be deemed to be one (1) year old on that date.
  12. No ring shall be required to wait for a competitor who may be competing in another ring.
  13. If in the opinion of the Judge any horse or pony has been entered in the wrong class; the Judge shall have the authority/power to classify the horse/pony in the correct class.
  14. A Maiden is a horse who has not won a first (1st) prize in a similar event at an affiliated show.
  15. A Novice horse is one that has not won an Open Championship at any Agricultural Show.
  16. Stallions are not permitted in hack classes, except in classes as listed (District classes only). No persons under the age of 18 years is to handle stallions on the grounds or in the showring.
  17. Pony Hack must not exceed 14hh.
  18. Pony Hack classes ne 12.2hh for riders under 17 years, 12.2hh and above can be ridden by anyone.
  19. A Galloway Hack shall be 14hh not to exceeding 15hh.
  20. Horses entered in Hunter classes are not eligible for Open Hack classes.
  21. All horses must have a current height certificate acceptable to the Fraser Coast Agriculture Show Society.
  22. A Judge or Steward may direct any person or horse from competition for bad conduct of one of both.
  23. The Steward rather than the Judge shall sign performance cards during the continuance of the Show.
  24. Judges must be suitably attired in either riding clothes or neat street attire when judging.
  25. Correct attire including hard hats and riding boots must be worn for all events (however, jeans are permitted in novelty events).
  26. The Fraser Coast Agriculture Show Society undertakes the rental of the Fraser Coast Showground's & Equestrian Park from the Fraser Coast Regional Council for the duration of the show period. The Society undertakes to rent the site and/or buildings in its present condition.
  27. All electrical leads are required to be tagged and tested before coming onto the showground's indicating testing with-in the previous 12 months.







Thursday 23rd May 2019 - Course Walk 8.00am

Unofficial 60cm
Unofficial 80cm
Open 1m Class
Open 1.15m Class
Open 1.30

Friday 24th May 2019 - Course Walk 8.00am

Unofficial - Under 17 years Under 60cm
Unofficial - Under 17 years under 70cm
Local Riders Under 17 Years AM5 (non EFA) 70cm
Open 90cm Class
Open 1m Class
Junior Championship
Open 1.10m Height Class
Open 1.25 Grand Prix

Event Notes

Yards $7 per yard per night
Stables $7 per stable per night
Unpowered camping $11 per night, max $66

Contact Details

Lyndal Roos
0408 839 824

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