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Event Type : Eventing

Canberra Equestrian Park


Postal Address

Cotter Road , Canberra , ACT , 2605
PO Box 233 , Curtin , ACT , 2605


Persons using the yards for events such as gymkhanas, showjumping, should make arrangements with the Hiring club to get access to the yards and pay their dues of $40 per horse.


  1. CAMPING is limited to a maximum of TWO NIGHTS except under exceptional circumstances. Persons wishing to stay for longer periods should either make arrangements to use the permanent yards (see para 3 above) or make use of facilities such as Exhibition Park In Canberra (EPIC) or commercial yarding and stabling centres.

  2. FIRES for individuals ARE NOT PERMITTED.

  3. There is no electricity available on site for campers. Generators may be used between 7am and 10pm.

  4. The office and shed, and the surrounding area, in the Cotter Plots are off limits.

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Follow this link for guidelines on use of/hiring Equestrian Park: